Cream of the Crop – Weekend Roundup

Yesterday I posted a recipe for a luxury cream that is similar in ingredients to Rodin Olio Lusso Crema. That lotion, however, was not the only one I made this weekend. This weekend I made 6 lotions in total!   

One of them was a repeat of one I made yesterday (because I loved it so much, I wanted more) and another was a slight variation on one that I made yesterday (because I thought of a possible enhancement). So if you are wondering why I am saying I made 6 lotions but only posted 4 pictures, that is why….2 are duplicates of one another. 🙂




My husband gets terrible sunburn in the summer.   He is fair-skinned and burns to a crisp.    He remembered a lotion he had back in the 1990’s called “Honey Milk” that he used to use on his sunburn.  He said it was thin, sunk in very quickly, and left him feeling hydrated.  It cooled his sunburn and was not greasy.


Well, I couldn’t find anything about that product — it seems to be long gone.  I had nothing to go on in terms of ingredients to use.     The way he described it was “very thin like half and half”.  So with this vague description, I set to work to find some anti-inflammatory carrier oils.  I chose sweet almond and apricot kernel.  They are both very light oils with anti-inflammatory properties.


I decided to use aloe liquid as part of my water phase, and I included green tea and aloe extracts to help ease the sunburn and heal the skin.  I knew it had to be very thin like milk, so it has a very small oil phase and low amount of emulsifier.


The batch I made yesterday was white.  It was very thin like milk when I made it, but overnight it has thickened just a little so it is more like the consistency of thin gravy now. He says it is very close to the original product.


Sol Part 2:

When he has a sunburn, he typically grabs some tea bags and heads to the shower.   He puts the wet tea bags on the sunburn and the tannins in the tea help ease the burn.    So together we got the idea  “what would happen if we made the lotion out of brewed tea”?    That is what I tried today.   Taking the recipe that I made yesterday, I altered it to include black tea, more extracts, and more preservative (because of the black tea).


So far (as you can kind of see in the picture above), the lotion is separating.   I have it out on the counter right now cooling off and will blend it some more.  Maybe it can be recovered.   If not, then I guess the tea was a bad idea and we need to stick with the white version.  This lotion is so thin in the first place, the tea may have been just a bridge too far.   We’ll have to wait and see.  I’ll have to post an update later and let you know how it worked.


Honey Bee


My next lotion was a facial lotion. I wanted to include some extra-skin-loving ingredients in this, but keep it on the thinner side so it would sink in quickly (although it is still much thicker than the milky lotion I made for the sunburn).


This has Allantoin, Honeyquat, Rosehip Seed Oil, Aloe Liquid, Babassu Oil, Olive Squalane and Calendula extract.  It is scented with just a tiny touch of Brambleberry’s “Pure Honey” fragrance.   It is very lightly scented, almost non-existent.


I tested it today and it worked like a charm.  It felt non-greasy, sank in quickly, felt moisturizing and was not too overly scented (for a facial lotion).


Mello Mello Limoncello


This one turned out to be my absolute favorite.  So much so that I made another batch today so I can keep one bottle up-stairs and one down-stairs and have it by me all the times.


This is another facial lotion, with lots of face-loving ingredients, but it is also lovely as a light hand lotion or all-over-body lotion.   That is how I am using it anyhow. The texture is like a light custard — smooth and creamy.


For this one, I chose Kukui Nut Oil, Babassu Oil, Evening Primrose oil, Olive Squalane, Allantoin, Buckthorn Extract and Ginkgo Extract.   I scented it with a blend of Lemon, Lavender and Frankincense essential oils ( heavy on the lemon, because I like that).


It smells like heaven, or what I would imagine “joy” would smell like.  The frankincense and lavender in the background sweeten up the lemon and give it some support.    The lotion sinks in after about 1 minute and very little scent is left behind.  So it’s like you get a little treat when you put it on, but it doesn’t over-stay its welcome.


It is non-greasy and after a few minutes it is like you can’t even tell you have it on, but if you get your hands wet (a little while later), you can feel the lotion is still there.  I feel hydrated but not “greased” if that makes sense.



And I got a better picture of “Creamo”  (the recipe I posted yesterday that is the copycat recipe for Rodin Olio Lusso Crema”.



The thing I love the most about making lotions is that it doesn’t produce very many dirty dishes.  You have just a few measuring cups and a stick blender.   The batches go quickly and are easy to clean up after.   Plus, you get to use the lotion pretty much right away — so it’s instant gratification.   Love it!


So that’s it for a weekend that flew by as quickly as ever (how does that happen?).   Not a bad pile of loot for just a few hours of work, eh?





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