Book Launch: Home Spa Formulary: Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body & Home

I am so excited to announce that I have published my fourth Kindle book, Home Spa Formulary: Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body and Home.  Read on for details.


Home Spa Formulary Cover


Home Spa Formulary

Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body and Home



Enjoy luxurious spa treatments at home each and every day by making your own skin pampering and decadent spa products.


This book is packed with 56 recipes and detailed instructions for a large variety of products from bath bombs, truffles and melts to facial washes, clay masks and facial steams to lip balms, herbal balms and candles.  There is truly something here for everyone to love!


More than just a compilation of recipes, this book offers plentiful inspiration for modifying the products to meet your own skin and hair care needs, using different fragrance and essential oil blends, herbs, and even some variations to create more products by modifying the included recipes.   It will help you to imagine the products in new ways so you can use your creative flair to create your own unique masterpiece!


The recipes are written to be versatile.   Optional ingredients are offered in the recipes, but can be omitted or replaced (and of course, inspiration and suggestions are given for that as well).   These are more like “formulas” than “recipes” in that regard, which is why the book is called a “formulary”. Although there are 56 recipes, there are formulas and possibilities for many more products than that!


Stay tuned for Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains!

To celebrate this book release, I will be publishing a free recipe from the book this coming Sunday (14 May).  I will post the entire formula so that you can sample the recipe style from the book and enjoy a lovely product as well.

  • This is a cloud-soft, dry grain and clay based facial cleanser that can be used like a facial wash or a light clay mask.
  • Scented with gentle essential oils and with luxurious optional ingredients to explore, it provides gentle exfoliation and cleansing for even the most sensitive skin types (but it can also be tailored for other skin types as well (inspiration will be included on Sunday)).

Here are just a few pictures of some of the products in the book (but many more than this are included, of course).

Bath Bombs, Truffles and Melts



Bath and Body

BathBody Collage

Hair and Facial Care

Hair and Facial Collage


Balms, Salves and Butters

Balm Collage


Household Fragrance and Cleaning




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