New (to me) Fragrances from Brambleberry and Nurture Soap – First Impressions

I am so excited.  I ordered some fragrances so I can play and have fun on my upcoming vacation from work.   They arrived already (with a week to spare)!   Of course, I am not going to wait for vacation to come to try them out — I don’t have that level of willpower!


I bought several different fragrances from Brambleberry and Nurture Soap.    I buy things all the time from Brambleberry, but have never tried these fragrances.   This was my first purchase from Nurture Soap.

I thought I would share my impressions of the fragrances.  I realize scent is a very personal thing, so what I like, you may not, and vice versa, but thought it might make an interesting blog post and maybe someone would find it useful.


I just got these, so obviously I haven’t used them yet and I don’t know how they perform in soap or lotion, but I will find out soon!


From Brambleberry


I bought this to make some lotion, but it is so lovely, I might try it in some soap too.  I am really glad I bought 2 ounces of this.  It’s a very light floral, almost powdery and sweet.   It doesn’t have that “bitter” dry down that violet smells can often have.  I thought it would smell like old-fashioned violet perfume, but it is almost like a violet candy and not perfumey at all.  I love it.  Can’t wait to make it into something!


Coconut Citrus Sorbet

Out of all the fragrances in this batch, this is my least favorite.  It’s nice, but not as great as some of the others.   If you have ever smelled Brambleberry’s Pineapple Cilantro, it smells very similar to that, only with a little citrus and coconut thrown in the mix.  It’s very fruity and super sweet-smelling.  I think the kids will love it!  I know they loved Pineapple Cilantro.


Wildflower Honey

Oh my goodness!  I love this one.  If I had to pick a name for it, I can’t think of anything I would call it other than wildflower honey.  It’s spot on!  You can almost hear the bumblebees buzzing around when you smell it.   There is a top note of wildflowers — most definitely!  Then you can smell the sweet honey in the background.   This is one of the better scents I have gotten in a long time!  Now to devise a recipe that will do it justice!


From Nurture Soap

Avobath Type

From the description on the website, I though this would be a crisper citrus, but it really does smell like lemongrass essential oil.   I was at the mall the other day and I popped into Lush to smell their Avobath products and it does smell just like the Lush products.   Although it is lemongrass, which is a little bit like an earthy lemon scent, you can smell a little bit of sweetness in the background.  That is the only saving grace for me, as lemongrass is not my all time favorite.  But if you like lemongrass, you will definitely like this one!


Honey I Washed the Kids Type

This one smells nice.  It’s kind of light, sweet, and innocent smelling, but not in a juvenile way.  I think it will make a lovely lotion.  I am not sure that the scent would be strong enough to hold up in cold process soap,as I haven’t tried it yet, but you know I will try it some day and let you know. 🙂


American Cream

Do you remember the perfume called “Emeraude”?     To me, this smells a lot like that perfume, only perhaps a little less “green” and more powdery.  I really like it a lot and think it would make a great soap or lotion.    It is one of those fragrances that is just a little bit perfumey, so I don’t know that I’d like to wear it all day in a lotion (we’ll see), but it would definitely be great in a soap.  I have stopped by to smell it in the bottle several times today and haven’t gotten enough of it yet, so that is a good sign!  I will make it into a lotion this weekend and see how it goes. 🙂


I am SO glad this week is finally almost over.  It’s been a busy one, and I am really looking forward to some recreation time this weekend!   I already have some recipes printed out and ready to go.


Happy Weekend everyone!






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