Honey Buttercup Lotion

Despite many frustrations today, I was able to pull off a single lotion making endeavor.  I wasn’t sure what to call this one. The fragrance is Brambleberry’s Wildflower Honey.  It is a beautiful floral / honey scent that reminds me of sweet little Grace Ingalls running (and tripping) through the meadow in the opening scenes of Little House on the Prairie.

When I decided to add a little touch of colorant, it took on this gorgeous, gentle buttery colored hue, so I decided for now to call it “Honey Buttercup”.  I toyed with the idea of calling it “Grace” but felt maybe I was getting too obscure.

So back to the frustration.. It all started last night when my husband was going to band practice and got a flat tire.  He was able to limp the car home last night, but today, when trying to take it in to get it fixed, there were, well…let’s say…snags.

Our dog has a doggie dentist appointment on Monday, so it was critical to get the car fixed today.

On top of that, they needed to replace all four tires because we have ABS brakes and replacing one tire would cause some sort of problem with that (don’t ask me, I’m not a car person).

So at this point, since replacing four tires takes a few hours, and my husband needed a ride home.  I had just finished up my batch of this lotion and was about to eat lunch when he called me to come get him. Of course, I drop what I’m doing and go get him, but the rest of my day is shot now because it’s like 3 PM by the time we get back, and we have to go back and get the car at 5 PM.

I despise driving in traffic, and of course it is Saturday in a busy shopping area, so I am stressed out about that.  I haven’t driven in like 5 years, so that is stressing me out too.  I have to drive my husbands 20-year-old F-150 in the rain (and back it out of the garage —  and the truck has a topper on the back).  And our dog is having panic attacks because it is raining and I am locking her up so I can leave.  GOOD LORD GIVE A GIRL A BREAK!

So anyhow, I lived, and the car is fixed now, but that was not how I planned to spend my Saturday.   I wanted to make 3 lotions today and I got one done.  But at least the one was a great success!

In my recent Brambleberry order, I bought some Polawax.  I had only used Emulsifying Wax NF and BTMS-50 previously.  I didn’t have a single problem today using the Polawax Everyone says it’s worth the extra money, and at this point, I tend to agree.  We’ll see how it feels on the skin after the lotion finishes cooling.


So what did I put into this cute little batch of lotion?   Well, the water phase included aloe liquid and honeyquat (of course, because it’s a honey inspired lotion).    I used sunflower, argan & jojoba oils, cetyl alcohol, cetyl esters and Polawax.  I also included some oat extract.   So it’s not a complicated lotion, but it has some very nice conditioners and humectants included and it should be great!

I also added just a smudge of Yellow Vibrance Mica from Nurture Soap.



Although I LOVE the scent of this, I might not end up keeping it.  Unfortunately, I developed a headache and I don’t know if it was from the fragrance (that happens sometimes) or maybe just the stress of the day.  Plus the sun kept coming and going outside, so it could have also been weather or allergy related.  I will keep the lotion around for a week or two to decide if it is what caused it or not.   There are unfortunately lots of scents I love, but just can’t tolerate due to them causing a headache.  It’s very possible this might be one of them.  If so, my sister will be more than happy to take it off my hands.

I snapped a picture of it today, but it hadn’t cooled yet, so it was still quite thin at that point.  It has since thickened up so I will need a new picture tomorrow.


Therefore, friends, I am looking forward to a better day tomorrow and hope I am able to get some more lotions made.  I am having such fun with it, and you guessed it, my next book will be about luxurious lotions!


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