Weekend Round-Up – Four Lotion Successes!

Despite a couple of delays (that I posted about yesterday) I was able to catch back up today and get a couple more lotions made.   I made 2 more lotions today, for a grand total of 4 this weekend — not too bad!

Friday and yesterday, I posted about the Hempseed Lotion / Conditioner and the Honey Buttercup lotions I made.   Today’s post is about 2 new lotions made today.


Sweet Aunt Violet

Today’s first lotion was one I am calling “Sweet Aunt Violet”.   I decided to call it that because it is made with Brambleberry’s “Violet” fragrance, which smells sweet and floral like a gentle, old-fashioned, violet candy.

This lotion contains ingredients that are fantastic for facial skin particularly aging skin.

In the water phase, I used allantoin, glycerin and hydrolyzed rice protein.

For the oils, I chose boabab, rice bran, babassu, rosehip, olive squalane and kokum butter.  All of which are known to help with anti-aging concerns such as building collagen, elasticity, and reducing wrinkles.


In the cool-down phase, I used evening primrose and licorice root extracts, which also help with inflammation and aging. Licorice root is also supposed to help even out pigmentation and provide skin lightening, particularly for fading age spots.

I only used 0.5% of fragrance, as this is intended as a facial lotion, and I didn’t want it to be too strong.

I decided to give it a light, pastel purple hue by adding just a tiny bit of mica colorant.

I had no problems whatsoever with this lotion.  I did, however, use emulsifying wax NF versus Polawax, and I noticed that I got quite a few more bubbles in the mixture than I am getting when using Polawax.   I am watching for a pattern with this.  I don’t like all the excess bubbles because they can take a while to settle down and go away.  If it is caused by my choice of emulsifier, then I am putting one more point in the “why Polawax is better” column.



American Girl Cream

While not made “OF” American Girls, this is made FOR them (or girls of any nationality, really).   Since I used Nurture Soap’s “American Cream” fragrance, and it smells girly, I decided to call it American Girl.

This lotion is made for the younger crowd, and it contains ingredients and oils which are known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent, anti-acne, and skin calming.  Younger ladies often need this kind of skin support (and older girls sometimes do too).


I used allantoin, of course, because it is so lovely on the skin (and it is also anti-inflammatory).   The oils I chose all have these properties too — Sunflower, Babassu, Camellia Seed and Mango Butter.  Green tea and chamomile extracts round out the skin calming ingredients.

I was tempted to color this one a mint green color because it reminds me so much of Emeraude perfume, but I think it doesn’t smell as “green” as Emeraude does, so I gave it just a touch of pearly sheen by using a tad bit of Super Pearly White Mica.  I don’t think it’s enough to leave any trace on the skin, but if it does, it will leave a subtle “highlighting” effect.

This is a thicker cream, so I put it into jars versus bottles.

I used Polawax on this cream and did not have a single problem with foaming or bubbles.  The bubbles that did form (and there were very few), mixed right in and went away, leaving a creamy texture.


So that’s it for my weekend, folks.   Hope you enjoyed looking at these lotions as much as I enjoyed making them!   I leave you with a round-up of my weekend and a wish for a fantastic week ahead!


Top Left:   Tsunami –  Skin & Hair Deep Conditioner

Top Right:  Honey Buttercup Lotion

Bottom Left:  Sweet Aunt Violet, Anti-aging Lotion

Bottom Right:  American Girl, Skin Soothing Cream




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