Mermaid Eggs Bath Bombs

Inspired by a recent post by SoapQueen (See here for her Irridescent Pearl Bath Bombs), and knowing I have a visit soon with my sister and her daughters, I got the brilliant (although not terribly original) idea to make “mermaid eggs”.

My niece recently took her young family to Florida.   One of the highlights of their trip was that she hired a “real-live-mermaid” to frolic at the ocean with the little girls.  Thinking back to when I was a little girl, I would have absolutely loved this, and it would have been a memory I would have carried with me through my whole life.  

Since this trip is still fresh on their mind, the timing was fortuitous with SoapQueen’s post, so I got busy yesterday making the mermaid eggs.

I didn’t use SoapQueen’s bath bomb recipe.  I have a similar one of my own that I used instead, and I wanted to make them into both both butter AND bubble bombs, so my recipe included some SLSA as well as a generous amount of Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil.

I love making butter bombs because they are so easy.  No guessing about whether you spritzed enough with Witch Hazel.  Just mix and mold.  No fuss (and almost no muss).

I made the bath bombs with hydrated chrome green oxide  because they will turn the bath water a blue-green hue, like sea water.

I scented them with Vanilla Bean fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden.  Yes, it’s an odd fragrance for a sea themed item, but they are for little girls, so I thought they might enjoy this better than a sophisticated “ocean” type of fragrance.


You can see in the bottom row of picture above, that there was just a little bit of the mixture left in the bowl, but look at all the bubbles it made!

I let the bath bombs dry overnight and today I revisited them to coat them with mica.

I did this just like SoapQueen instructed on her page, but I used the following colors: First, I sprinted with alcohol and rubbed them with a base of “Super Pearly White Mica”.

Then I rubbed  a little bit of Nurture Soap Pink Vibrance on them.  Then a Purple mica, then a little bit of “Kermit Green Mica” which I blended with a little bit of Yellow Vibrance mica.  I blended them around with my finger until they looks sufficiently blended.

I was surprised, but it didn’t take very much mica at all to do 8 jumbo bath bombs.   I used maybe a tablespoon of white mica, and maybe 1/2 teaspoon each of the other colors.

Finally, I took a piece of shelf liner that I had cut about 2 inches square, put it on the top of each bath bomb and then dabbed on some gold mica randomly on the purple parts of the bath bomb.



These are very hard to photograph because they are shiny and confuse my camera, apparently.   The gold “scales” are much more visible in real life, and they appear much more pearlescent than in the photograph.


I made a huge mess on my countertop, but it was easy to clean up with wet paper towel.

I think my little great-nieces are going to be in love with these!  Hopefully it will be another happy memory of their childhood – “the time when Aunt Lisa made us mermaid eggs.” 🙂

They would have been very perfect if I had some little plastic mermaids to embed inside of them, but I didn’t have anything like that — this time — but there is always next time!

I even had a little mermaid statue to photograph them with!  It all came together perfectly for me today!


I have vacation from work this week, so I am going to be busy doing what I do — making stuff.  🙂  I have a commitment tomorrow, but starting Monday, I have big plans for my week.  Stay tuned, I am sure there will be many more posts and pictures from my exciting kitchen vacation!  LOL





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