Coc-Oats Milk & Honey Cream – Improved Recipe

Quite a while ago, I posted a recipe for my “silky oats cream“.   Well, my sister loved this one, raved about it, and asked for more, so I made up a 16 ounce batch for her today.

Since I wrote the original recipe, I have made a few tweaks, so I thought I might share that today.

The recipe is very similar to the original, but I used Polawax this time, instead of emulsifying wax NF.  I also used Liquid Germall Plus instead of Optiphen.  I added some Honeyquat as well.  I think the texture and “feel” of the lotion is much nicer now.  The Polawax versus emulsifying wax does make a difference.

I am also finding that using Polawax results in less froth and bubbles in my lotion for some reason.   I’m liking this and fear I didn’t buy enough Polawax to last me through vacation.  I had better place another order.  I’m a convert.

This cream is very rich with Cocoa Butter and a high oil phase (25%). It is not a “light” lotion — not with all that cocoa butter, olive and avocado oils — you definitely feel it on your skin, but it is non-greasy and a very good moisturizer.

Also, I think I didn’t mention it before.  Maybe I should make a post about it soon, but I have switched from using ounces to using grams in my recipes.  This is because I make such small batches of lotions, some of the ingredients which are used in small percentages can’t be accurately weighed in ounces with my kitchen scale (as it only goes to one decimal point).   So grams are much more accurate and calculate better.


Coc-Oats Milk & Honey Cream (Improved Recipe)





Water Phase

Distilled Water 69.0% 345
Sodium Lactate 2.7% 14
Silk Amino Acids 0.5% 3
Honeyquat PF 2.0% 10

Oils Phase

Cocoa Butter 7.0% 35
Avocado Oil 3.8% 19
Olive Oil 6.5% 33
Polawax 5.0% 25

Cool Down Phase


Preservative: Liquid Germall Plus 0.7% 4
Extract (Oil Soluble):Oat 2.0% 10
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil 0.8% 4

I should menton that the instructions are posted on the “Silky Oats Cream” page.   The same method was used to make it this time.

You can smell the cocoa butter, but it blends very nicely with the warm scent of oatmeal, milk and honey.  If you don’t like the smell of cocoa butter, you could use a deodorized cocoa butter, or perhaps something like mango butter or kokum butter instead.

Because of the use of cocoa butter, I used the heat and hold method this time instead of the microwave method.   Heating and holding for 20 minutes does help temper the cocoa butter so it comes out non-grainy.


If you make this lotion, please do let me know what you think!   I’d love to hear more opinions on it!  I invite honest feedback.  If you hated it, let me know why.  If you loved it, that’s all the better!   Part of the reason I share free recipes is to get feedback so I can improve the recipes, so your input is much appreciated.




4 thoughts on “Coc-Oats Milk & Honey Cream – Improved Recipe

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing all these recipes. I really want to try making lotions and creams at some point but I struggle to keep up with the soap side of things at the moment! I have so many plans for September when my little one starts school full time – hopefully I’ll be able to try one or two of your recipes then.


    1. Of course, you are very welcome. I love to share. I have a hard time not sharing sometimes when I have to hold back a recipe because I am going to publish it in a book at some point, but I don’t want my books to be just a recap of my blog posts, so I force myself.

      Lotions are pretty easy. It can be intimidating trying to learn about them because the “chemistry professors” out there on the web get pretty detailed, but you don’t really need to learn all that. Once you acquire the ingredients (which cross-paths with soap making ingredients but don’t quite cover all of it), then you will find it is really pretty simple. Still it does take a little trial and error to get it right at first if you are formulating your own recipes.

      It’s actually quite addicting, like soap-making. Of course lotions aren’t as beautiful as soaps, but I find we use them in my house a lot more than the soap. The soap just lasts so darn long, it’s easy to get way ahead on soap and have a closet full. Lotion gets used up more quickly — especially hair conditioners.

      You did give me an idea though. I think I will post a beginner lotion recipe with just the bare bones ingredients and instructions for those who want to get started but don’t know where to begin. Thanks for the inspiration!

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