Well, Isn’t THAT Special?

Vacation is off to a start now for me, and I have my plans all worked out.   Today, I was going to go up north and see my sister.   Of course, it can never be THAT simple.

So I get up this morning to take a shower.   Couldn’t get any hot water to wash my face, but –ok– no problem, sometimes it takes a long time for hot water to get all the way upstairs.

So I turn on the shower and wait a few minutes… still no hot water.  Hmm… getting concerned now…

Of course, on the day when I am supposed to leave in 2 hours to go see my sister, I have no shower.

So I wake up my husband and tell him there is no hot water and he needs to go light the pilot light. At this point, he is crabby — “what am I supposed to do about it?” kind of crabby (since I woke him up).     Apparently, there is no pilot light any more on hot water heaters (how am I supposed to know that?).

Anyhow, he gets up and goes downstairs to find a flooded basement.  He goes and gets the wet/dry vac and starts vacuuming up all the water and dragging out all the flooded rugs and boxes.    I call the plumber, who agrees to come out for a huge fee because it is a holiday weekend.

The plumber comes out and says “yep, it’s broken” and “I can’t fix it until Tuesday at the soonest”.  So after arguing over the fee for him coming out to tell us what we already knew, he agreed to charge us just a service call on Tuesday when he comes to fix it.   Since we bought it new from them only 2 and 1/2 years ago, and THEY installed it, they agreed to do that.  Good lord! Why this kind of thing only seems to happen on holiday weekends, I’ll never know.

By now it’s 1:00 PM and I was supposed to leave at 11:30 to go to my sisters.   So I call her and tell her we will be late.   I wash my hair in ice-cold water in the sink (YOW!) and around 2 PM we head out the door.

We had to take my 2 little terror terrier dogs with us because, of course, it is thundering outside and they are terrified of that.   One of them has terrible car anxiety and huffs and puffs and claws up the sides of the car trying to look out the window — all the way there and back (2 hours there, 2 hours back).

The visit with my sister went well though, and she really enjoyed all the stuff I made for my recently published book (she is the recipient of all those wonderful things).  My little niece was so proud of her “mermaid eggs”.   It was a good visit.

We visited for a couple of hours and then headed back home.  We made it safe and sound at 9:30 PM.   Phew, what a day!

Unfortunately, my day is not over yet, because I have a dishwasher full of dirty dishes that now have to be hand-washed (because you can’t run the dishwasher with no hot water). So I boil a pot of water, and wash them all.

So now tomorrow, I will still make some lotions, but will have to boil water to wash the dirty lotion dishes.  Ok, no problem. I am not going to let that ruin my vacation.

Tuesday, the plumber is coming to install a new hot water heater, so probably that day is shot to hell.    I swear, when it comes to vacations and weekends, I am on a real “cursed” streak lately.

My sister and nieces, however, were very excited about all the new lotions and creams I have been making.  Of course, the bath bombs are always a hit.   And the new favorite thing of all for them is the whipped body butter (which, of course, is also one of the more expensive items to make due to the large amount of butters in there).   I got lots of “special requests” for custom products.  Even my nephew-in-law is enamored with some of the products.  I just love feedback — especially positive!

I am not going to let a little curve-ball like “sorry, no hot water” get me down.   I think tomorrow, I will set up my turkey roaster with a full pan of water, so I can have hot water all day long, any time I want it.   So sorry, karma… I win this time! (but I guess I had better shut up because next the power will go out too and then my workaround won’t work.  I guess I shouldn’t tempt the fates).


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