Well, what do you know? This blog IS still about soap!

It has been a couple of months since I got a chance to make any soap.    I was busy  making bath and body treats and lately, with lotions.    Today, however, I whipped up 2 batches of soap.  I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy it.   I also seem to have forgotten some of my soap-making routine (which cost me a few extra dirty dishes to wash).   Luckily, they finished installing our replacement hot water heater today because I really needed hot water for all those dirty dishes.

I made two new recipes today:  Peppermint Tea Tree Pumice & Zeolite Foot Scrub Soap and “yet to be named” Avobath type Shampoo Bars.

As I just made these today, they won’t be ready to cut for a couple days, but when I do, I will make new post with the cutting pictures.

It was sunny out today and I get terrible pictures when it is sunny.  Sorry 😦


Peppermint, Tea Tree, Pumice & Zeolite Foot Scrub Soap


My niece is a cosmetologist and she loves pedicures.   My sister does too.  So I thought, “Why not make a foot soap that can be used for a pedicure session?”.    Of course, it HAD to be made with peppermint (naturally), but I threw in some tea tree too.  Together the essential oils smell fresh, tingly, and clean.

I used something similar to my usual soap recipe (coconut, olive, palm, shea, castor) but I also added macadamia nut oil and sesame oil.

I used both zeolite clay and fine pumice for the exfoliants.   I added just a touch of apple moss green mica to help it avoid it just looking “gray”.



I decided to use a rice milk container because it makes a good amount of soap (32 ounces) and I like the square-ish shape of the bars.   Also, since it is made of paper, the soap can be unmolded faster than with a silicone mold.


My husband might enjoy this too if it is “scrubby” enough.  He sometimes has paint or other grime on his hands, and it might help to get that off.


“Yet to be named” Avobath Type Shampoo Bars

Avobath Collage

My other niece told me she liked lemon.  I do too — so this soap is for her and I.

Having recently acquired some new fragrances from Nurture Soap, I was itching to make some soap with them.   Today, I was in a lemony mood, so I chose the “Avobath Type” fragrance.   While out of the bottle, it just smells like lemongrass essential oil, it did bloom a little bit in the soap.  It mellowed out quite a bit, but still smells soft and lemony.  I like it much better in soap than in the bottle.

I didn’t want to make this yellow.  That’s too obvious.  So I mixed up some micas and went for a blue/aqua/green/cream color scheme.  I don’t care if it doesn’t scream “Lemon”.  I like it anyway. 🙂


I used slightly different oils in this as it is a shampoo bar.  I used babassu, olive, castor, palm, shea butter, macadamia nut and flax seed oils.  I also added panthenol and aloe vera liquid at trace.    When I did that, it started to accelerate pretty quickly, so I had to abandon my plans for a pretty swirl and opt instead for a spoon swirl.

The reviews on this fragrance don’t show any problems with acceleration, so it might have been my combination of oils (babassu, I’m looking your way) or it could have been the addition of the aloe and panthenol.

I layered the colors in the mold then gave it a few turns with a spoon,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then textured the top (I need more practice at this).

After I took the picture I gave it a little sprinkle with iridescent glitter.   Not a LOT, just a tiny touch of it.  I don’t want to get glitter in my hair, so I want it to wash off the first time you use the soap.  It’s just for presentation.


I love the color combination, and the oils I used should be great for dry hair (as is the panthenol and aloe) so I can’t wait for this one to cure.  I hope the swirls turned out good.   We’ll find out in a couple of days when I get to cut it.

I am hoping when I cut into it and look at the first bar, that it will tell me what it wants to be named (and let’s hope it’s not something like “the blue blob”).

I have a couple more soaps planned for vacation this week, as well as a few more lotions.  I had a lot of fun making these today.  Amazing how short a time span missed can make you lose your “process mojo”.    But it is like riding a bike, so I got my mojo back now and am eager to try a couple more soaps this week.


2 thoughts on “Well, what do you know? This blog IS still about soap!

    1. Yes, Finally got to make some soap. I have been wanting to for some time, but I’ve been so busy with other things. Soap is my favorite too. The other stuff is nice, but soap is more fun to make. 🙂

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