Soap Cutting Day! Four New Soaps Unveiled!

In the past couple days, I made four soaps:  Avobath Type, Peppermint Tea Tree Pumice and Zeolite Soap, French Green Clay with Lavender & Tea Tree Soap, and Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.   Today they were ready to cut, so I thought I would share the joy of cutting them with you!

Hello Gorgeous!


I said this soap might tell me what it wanted to be called once I cut it, and it did.  It is now called “Hello Gorgeous!”.   It unmolded and cut like a dream, and turned out just beautiful!   The lemongrass scent of the Avobath Type fragrance has mellowed out to a soft lemony, powdery scent that I am adoring.    It is still quite strong though, for a lemon scent, which is amazing!

Here are the cutting pictures:



Peppermint & Tea Tree Pumice and Zeolite Pedicure Soap


This soap smells amazing.  It has a very “cool” and clean scent.   So far it doesn’t feel too scrubby (it has a lot of pumice and zeolite clay, so I was a bit worried it might be).   It turned out great!

Here are the cutting pictures:



French Green Clay with Lavender & Tea Tree Facial Soap


My niece loves this soap, and it is easy to see why.  The French Green Clay cleans the skin while the lavender and tea tree, besides smelling lovely, calm and sooth irritation caused by blemishes.   I don’t have blemishes anymore (at my age), but I would love to try this.  I might try to make a kaolin or rose clay version for myself so it won’t be too drying.

Here are the cutting pictures:



Honey I Washed the Kids Soap  (AKA Spring Festival)


I don’t like naming soaps after their fragrance.  I like a more fitting name that describes the experience of seeing and smelling the soap.   This one is a mixture of pastel colors in a happy swirly pattern, so I might just call it “Spring Festival”.   I love how the colors turned out, so soft and pretty!

This soap was a bit of a challenge.  Besides being a piped soap, which takes more work to make, it also accelerated and riced on me.   I had hopes that it wouldn’t affect the final product, but as you can see, it stuck to the mold and has some texture issues (rough surface).


Still, it turned out pretty enough and once the soap is used once or twice, the lumpy texture will smooth out.   I will test the ph of the soap, and as long as it is normal, I will still gift this.  The kids will love it.  It looks very festive and fun!

The laundry soap smell mellowed out a bit and it is much softer now.  Now it kind of smells like a soft powder.  Definitely a juvenile fragrance, though.

Here are the cutting pictures:


Now my soap curing rack is no longer desolate and lonely — it has a few companions for a few weeks!  My dining room smells so beautiful at the moment with all these soaps drying in there.  You would think it would be overwhelming with all those different scents, but it smells very good!

Despite the challenges, I had so much fun making these soaps this week.  I might have time left on this vacation to make a couple more, who knows!







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