Pride and Joy – A “dry” feeling cream with Borage, Babassu and Rice Bran Oils (and a load of other goodies)

Last night, instead of being lazy and sitting around watching TV (which I really did feel like doing for some reason), I made one more thing — a thick cream.

I enjoyed the scent of my “Hello Gorgeous” soap so much, I wanted to make a thick cream with that scent (Avobath Type).   It turned out great, and I love it, so this one is for me (not for gifting).

I decided to call it “Pride and Joy” because while I was making it, my husband was in the other room playing music and he played that song (by Stevie Ray Vaughn).  It was stuck in my head for a long time after (and still is).    But when I tried this cream out, I decided that it really is an accomplishment to be proud of, and the lemony scent is joyous too!

I have VERY sensitive skin.  Sometimes just the friction from my 100% cotton shirts rubbing on it can make my skin feel like it is in fire!   It is particularly bad during allergy season (which it is right now).   So I wanted to include some anti-inflammatory ingredients to help put out the fire.  I also wanted it to sink in quickly, feel dry and powdery (not greasy), but leave my skin soft and nourished.  I thought it might also be nice to include some goodies that help with facial skin.  Because my face has been so dry lately, I wanted to be able to use it as a night cream.  Those were my requirements.

Due to these requirements, I chose the following ingredients:

Borage Seed Oil – This contains GLA (a gamma linoleic acid) which is a strong anti-inflammatory. It is also moisturizing, hydrating, good for reducing wrinkles, healing, and great for mature skin.

Babassu Oil – This is also anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and full of antioxidants and vitamins.  It is non-greasy, and helps the skin retain moisture by reducing trans-epidermal water loss.

Rice Bran Oil – This is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.  It helps skin retain elasticity, regenerate skin cells, and improve the skin’s surface texture.  It is also non-greasy and skin lightening (for balancing out skin tone).

Allantoin – This is an anti-irritant and skin protectant.  It is made from comfrey plants.  It increases the skin’s ability to retain water and contributes a skin soothing effect.  It helps with cell regeneration and is thought to be healing to the skin.

Sodium Lactate – This comes from fermented sugar and is a natural alpha-hydroxy-acid.  It is an excellent humectant and is not sticky (like glycerin can be).  It reduces skin irritation and can make other oils feel less greasy.

Aloe Vera Liquid – Everyone knows the benefits of using aloe.  It is anti-aging, healing, and nourishing to the skin.  It is also anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein – Hydrolyzed proteins increase the ability of the skin to retain moisture by forming a micro-thin film on the surface of the skin.   It is an anti-irritant and helps the skin stay hydrated and elastic.  It leaves a smooth, dry feel on the skin.

BTMS-50 – This is a dry feeling emulsifier.   It is often used in hair conditioners because it is so…conditioning!

Behenyl Alcohol – this is a plant derived thickener that boosts the conditioning power of the BTMS-50.

Cetyl Esters – This is another thickener that has a lubricating effect and makes the lotion/cream glossy looking.  It makes the lotion glide on the skin.

Licorice Root Extract – This extract is anti-inflammatory and acts as an anti-irritant.  It also contains glycosides, which help distribute melanin evenly (so it evens out skin tone and fades dark spots).

Cyclomethicone – This adds slip and glide to the lotion, but is also great at detangling the hair, so in case I wanted to use this also as a hair conditioner (which I might), because it already contained BTMS-50, I added a little cyclomethicone too.   Although it is a silicone oil, it does not feel greasy on the skin or hair.


It was made just like all the rest of my lotions:  Measure, Heat, Combine, Blend, Cool.  And the pictures are not terribly exciting as they look just like every other lotion making picture. 🙂  (although in the far right picture you can kind of see how thick this cream is).



So, what’s the verdict?   Well, it definitely met all the requirements and then some!  It is very thick and rich, but it goes on smooth, sinks in quickly and feels dry and powdery, leaving soft skin behind with a lovely lemony scent!  It really is my new pride and joy!

Will it calm my skin?   I don’t know yet — we’ll have to find out — but in the meantime, I will be able to walk around smelling lemon-fresh and having soft, moisturized skin!



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