Redneck – A Niacinamide Serum Spray and Oil-Free Lotion

Inspired by a facial toner I saw on SwiftCraftyMonkey’s site (here), and having recently acquired some niacinamide powder, I wanted to try to create some products for my poor husband who suffers from “redneck”.

This is not the kind of stereotypical “redneck” that some husbands suffer from (ahem), but actual red neck caused by sun damage over years and years of exposure to UV rays.

Now, my husband likes everything unscented, and in this case, it is wise to keep this product unscented, as perfumes can aggravate redneck (honesty, I don’t know what the condition is called, but his neck is red, so I call it redneck).   He also has oily skin and can’t tolerate oil based products, so I knew it had to be oil-free.   Sounds like a challenge to me!

Exactly what is a serum?  Well, a serum can be anything from a mixture of oils (like some lovely facial serums posted by Humblebee and Me) to any kind of mixture of ingredients, really, that are formulated to help a particular condition.  That condition might be aging (wrinkles, lines, elasticity, etc.) or it might be, as in this case, rosacea (redness, skin thickening, bumpy texture, etc).

Since my goal was to reduce redness and smooth the skin texture of my husband’s sun damaged neck, I chose some ingredients known to help with this condition, as well as to improve pigment distribution and provide conditioning (without the use of oils).

Allantoin, Niacinamide and Aloe Moisturizing Redneck Spray Serum

I knew I needed all my ingredients to be water-soluble, so that limited some of the extracts I could use.  I have a bunch of extracts, but many of them are oil based, so were not suitable.  Luckily, I had purchased just a couple that were water-soluble, and it just so happened that they are great for helping with pigmentation and cell regeneration.

I chose Gingko and Licorice Root extracts (that I bought from Lotioncrafter).   These are brown colored extracts, so they did give an amber hue to the finished products — but that’s OK.

I added some Liquid Germall Plus (which is water-soluble) and together, the extracts and preservative make up my cool-down phase.

My water phase included distilled water, aloe vera liquid, allantoin, niacinamide, hydrolyzed oat protein, and sodium lactate.  This combination should be nicely moisturizing, conditioning and soothing.


I mixed and heated this until the powders were all melted in, then I let it cool to 100 degrees F.

Once cooled, I mixed in my cool-down phase, and abracadabra — it’s done!

It doesn’t really have a strong smell, but you can smell the preservative just a little bit.  Once sprayed on, the smell dissipates quickly.

Does it work?  Don’t know.   He said he will use it for a while and we’ll see.

Allantoin,  Aloe and Niacinamide Oil-Free Redneck Lotion

Sometimes you just don’t feel like spraying water on your skin.  Especially if you are cold, and the bottle of liquid is at room temperature.  Gives me the chills just thinking about it.  Wouldn’t a lotion that you can warm in your hands be much nicer?   So I used the same ingredients as the serum and made an oil-free lotion.

To do this, you add an oil phase that consists only of an emulsifier and thickener — but no oils.  You make the same way that you make any lotion: measure, heat, combine, mix and cool.


This one turned out nice and thick, but amazingly, it is still pumpable in a pump bottle.


I did have to use a piping bag to get it into the bottle because it was too thick to pour in.


I used a little bit of the lotion and it feels just like lotion, despite the lack of oils.  It does sink in very quickly, though and of course, it is non-greasy.   It wouldn’t be my favorite because I like a little more oiliness, but my husband will love it.  I expect some requests for more oil-free lotions for him in the future.

So here they are, all finished and cooling down



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