Anti-aging Facial Lotion, “My Precious” Baby Lotion and Molokai Cocktail Lotion – 3 new ones today!

Only one more day left of my vacation from work, so I am really working to get my “to do list” done.  I had a list of lotions that I wanted to get done on vacation, but “complications arose, ensued, were overcome”.  Due to my hot water heater being out for 3 days of this vacation, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but I did get most of my recreation accomplished.  I feel refreshed (but not necessarily ready to go back to work). Oh well, one more day and it’s back to the grind again until the next one.

Today I made 3 lotions and I am very pleased with how all of them turned out.

  1.  Anti-Aging Facial Lotion (I haven’t thought of a good name for it yet)
  2. “My Precious” Baby Lotion
  3. Molokai Cocktail Lotion

Anti-Aging Facial Lotion


This lotion contains evening primrose oil, olive squalane and jojoba oil.   These oils are known to be anti-aging in that they boost collagen production, increase elasticity, increase skin radiance, and smooth the appearance of the skin.   On top of that they are gentle, nourishing, and conditioning.

I used behenyl alcohol along with BTMS-50 for extra conditioning and for producing a dry and powdery feeling lotion.

It also contains aloe vera, allantoin, and hibiscus and gingko extracts (which are also anti-aging ingredients).

I scented it with a blend of lavender, frankincense and bergamot essential oils.

Because the extracts turned it a tan color, I had to add some green colorant.  I guess tan would have been OK, but I like green better.


“My Precious” Baby Lotion


This lotion contains gentle, all purpose oils: Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel and Shea Butter.  These are all good for sensitive skin but are good for all skin-types, really.

I added aloe vera and hydrolyzed oats as well as chamomile and mallow extracts.  These are all gentle, nourishing and calming to the skin.

I used BTMS-50 along with Cetyl Alcohol to give it a good amount of conditioning and a smooth feel.

I added just a tiny amount of yellow mica (for a unisex color) (but you could make this pink or blue if you wanted — or leave it white).

For the fragrance, I put about 1 milliliter of roman chamomile essential oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil.


Molokai Cocktail Lotion



For my last lotion of the day today, I tried to get “artsy”.   I wanted to make an ombre colored lotion and see if it worked out.   I had some concerns:

  1.  Would the colors blend in once the lotion was cooled enough to add the cool-down phase ingredients and divide it into smaller cups?
  2. Could I stick blend it once I broke it out into smaller cups?
  3. Would it all just “mud” together when poured into the bottle?


  1.  Yes, they all blended in pretty well, but I might have just gotten lucky.
  2. Nope – they all had to be hand-stirred.  It was too little lotion in the cups to stick blend.
  3. Well that answer is complicated.   It would have worked better if I had actually measured each cup of lotion instead of eyeballing it.   I ended up with too much green and too much orange and not enough yellow/green, yellow or yellow-orange.
    1. Also, I used fizzy yellow lemonade for my yellow color but it just wasn’t strong enough to make a big difference between the green and green/yellow or the orange and orange/yellow.
    2. I think this would have been easier to do if I had made one batch of lotion for each color and then divided it equally into 5 lotion bottles.
    3. It might also be easier to layer the colors with a thicker cream that can be “spooned” on top of each other (instead of pouring into a bottle)

Here are the colors I used:


1:  Kermit Green Mica

2.  Kermit Green Mica + Fizzy Yellow Lemonade Colorant

3.  Fizzy Yellow Lemonade Colorant

4.   Fizzy Yellow Lemonade Colorant + Nuclear Orange Colorant

5.  Nuclear Orange Colorant


I’d say not too bad for a first try, but if I try it again, I will choose different colorants and make a larger batch.

Anyhow, for the lotion itself (lest I get too distracted with the pretty colors), I used some rather exotic oils: Kukui, Macadamia Nut and Boabab.  They’re all great for dry skin, but I was concerned they might be a little “greasy” feeling, so I added a little IPM (Isopropyl Myristate) to help with that.

I included Aloe Vera and a little Silk Amino Acids. I scented this with Brambleberry’s Coconut Citrus Sorbet.

Since it smells really tropical, looks really tropical, and contains oils that come from tropical places, I wanted to give it a tropical name.  So I chose the island of Molokai.  It also looks and smells like a tropical drink, so thus “molokai cocktail”. (Plus it kind of sounds like Molotov Cocktail, so … it’s easy to remember).

This one was a lot of work, but it was fun.   I love experimenting.   While I was doing it though, I was wishing I had tried it on a lotion with cheaper oils and ingredients rather than diving in, but it all worked out in the end.


Only one more day left of vacation.  I need to get planning what I will do to top it off for a grand finale. 🙂




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