June 2017 Vacation Round-Up / Slideshow

With another great vacation behind me, I wanted to do a quick wrap up of all the fun I had.   I love to look back over my creations and see the fruits of my labors all in one place.   It is too easy to forget all the ground you covered otherwise!

It appears that I made about 16 things on this vacation and shared 3 free recipes.

Not bad considering I was without hot water (due to a busted hot water tank) for 3 days of this.   I did not let that stop me though.  I improvised by heating some water in my turkey roaster (as if a little thing like “no hot water” could get in the way of my vacation – sheesh!)

  1. Mermaid Eggs Bath Bombs
  2. Rosewater Lemon Facial Cream  (I didn’t post this one because I didn’t think it turned out all that great)
  3. Coc-Oats, Milk & Honey Cream (free recipe)
  4. Pride and Joy Cream
  5. Peppermint and Tea Tree Pumice Soap
  6. French Green Clay, Zeolite and Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Soap
  7. Honey I Washed the Kids Soap  (AKA Spring Festival)
  8. Hello Gorgeous! (Avobath Type) Soap
  9. Niacinamide Serum Spray and Oil-Free Lotion
  10. Cetaphil Dupe Lotion (free recipe)
  11. Anti-aging Facial Lotion
  12. “My Precious” Baby Lotion
  13. Molokai Cocktail Lotion
  14. Vanilla Cream Moisture Therapy Hair Conditioner
  15. Coco-Nuts Lotion
  16. Free Recipe for Basic Beginner’s Lotion

I have included a little slideshow (because what is a vacation without a slideshow to remember it by?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s it for me folks.  I had an amazing week, but now it’s back to working on spreadsheets, analyzing data, sitting in meetings, and all that fun stuff.   Back to posting only once or twice a week because that is all there is time to do.   So sad, but also feeling good about getting so much done!

Hope you enjoy your week ahead!


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