Weekend Roundup – June 11 Edition

Time for a wrap up.  The weekend is already over (sadly). It was a productive weekend, however, as I made 6 lotions and got them all photographed.

I think these won’t be the final pictures though.  It was sunny today and I can’t get good enough pictures unless it is cloudy out.

So here they are all rounded up together in one post:



Avocado, Olive and Shea Moisturizing Lotion


Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Mango Butter Moisturizing Lotion



Lavender and Peru Balsam Foot Cream with Lanolin



Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Avocado, Olive and Hemp Foot Cream with Lanolin



Basic Facial Lotion for Dry or Mature Skin


Blueberry Jam Body Lotion


Now it’s time for me to get the rest of my chores done and wind down the weekend.   I have a busy day at work tomorrow and need a little “unwind” time before then.

Have a great week, friends!




2 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – June 11 Edition

    1. Thanks. They are lovely. I had a little bit left over after filling my jars and have been using that, but I am almost out of that and I haven’t gotten good pictures yet of my finished products so I am praying for a cloudy day so I can complete my pictures and then use the jar of cream. 🙂

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