3 New Lotions Today

After making soap last night, I feel like I got that out of my system for a little while.   So today, I chose to use my Saturday to make a few more lotions.

Today I made my husband a “dry feeling” lotion, I also made a luxury facial cream and a luxury hair conditioner.

What makes something a luxury?  I don’t think there is a definition for this, but I use it whenever I use luxury oils, butters, or additives.   For example, if something contained just sweet almond oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter, I would not call that luxury.  But if something contains oils like rosehip seed, evening primrose, olive squalane, or camellia seed oils, or expensive butters like murumuru, cupuacu, or tucuma, then I would call those luxury.  Those are more expensive and exotic oils and tend to have different or “special” properties that can be used to tailor products to different skin types or skin issues (such as wrinkles, pigmentation and so forth).

Len’s Dry Feeling Lotion


My husband doesn’t like greasy lotions.   He likes something that sinks in quickly and leaves him non-greasy.   I need to use non-greasy oils and BTMS-50 for him.   This combination will produce a lotion that feels non-greasy, but still delivers plenty of emollients.

For the oils, I chose Apricot Kernel, Macadamia and Grapeseed — all of which are considered non-oily oils.

I used Behenyl Alcohol (to give it a buttery feeling) and BTMS-50 (to help it feel dry and add conditioning).

It also has allantoin, aloe vera liquid, and aloe vera extract.


Luxury Conditioner


In the book I am working on, there is a chapter about turning simpler recipes in to luxurious ones.   This recipe takes a simpler recipe in the book and provides a tutorial on how to tweak that recipe in to a luxury conditioner.

Unfortunately, I must have bumped something to change my camera focus and ended up with only a 1.8 focal length, so the pictures came out looking sort of like “art photos”.

This luxury version of the recipe contains babassu and boabab oils and murumuru butter.   All of these are known to be incredible for hair (especially dry or damaged hair).    It, of course, has a ton of other ingredients such as DL-Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Hibiscus Extract and a product called VegeKeratin (which is a mixture of different amino acids tailored toward hair health and repair).


Luxury Facial Cream


Another chapter in the book takes one of the very simple lotions and tweaks it to turn it into a luxury anti-aging facial cream.

This one contains rose hydrosol (rose water), babassu, rice bran, rosehip seed and olive squalane oils — all of which are lovely for different reasons. Some are penetrating and help deliver the nutrients into the skin tissue.  Others are known to help with wrinkles, age spots and dry skin.

Of course, there are other goodies in there such as allantoin, DL-panthenol, hydrolyzed oats, evening primrose extract and ginseng extract.  All of these offer extra anti-aging, soothing, and conditioning benefits.

This is a very rich night cream type lotion that is great for aging or very dry skin.  It smells very lightly of roses because of the rose water.  It is not a strong or oppressive scent.


All of these lotions are still cooling down, so I can’t take any better pictures until tomorrow.  It is supposed to be sunny out though, so I am not holding out hope for good picture until later this week when it rains.

All that and  got my workout done too — I am feeling accomplished!  Now to plan what I am going to do with my Sunday!





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