Getting back into the swing – with soaps

Friday night my husband was away, so I took the opportunity to play!

I made 2 new batches of soap –  Orange Ginger and Spearmint Patchouli.  They will not be ready to unmold for a few days, So I will have to come back later and post pictures if they turn out.

Orange Ginger, and Carrot Soap


This soap contains Ginger Root (herb), Carrot Powder (herb), Orange Peel Powder (herb), and both Orange (10x) and Ginger essential oils.  This gives it the naturally orange color.

The oils are not fancy – just babassu, coconut, castor, olive, palm, cocoa butter and sesame oil.

The soap batter looks kind of like pumpkin pie filling, and it smells gorgeous — very orange, but also a little spicy.

Once I added the essential oils, this started moving quickly on me, so I had to get it into the mold and completed fast.  Spices and essential oils can do that, but I was prepared for it.   This is not a complicated design, just a simple, single-colored soap.  I knew it wasn’t going to be very cooperative with a more complex design.

I topped it off with a little strip of calendula flowers.



Spearmint Patchouli with Olive Leaf, Aloe Powder, and Sea Clay


This soap contains a few herbal and natural goodies too!  It has olive leaf powder (herb), aloe powder (herb) and sea clay. Olive leaf is an astringent, so I wanted to keep with that theme and add some astringent oils.   Hazelnut, Hemp and Grapeseed oils are all great astringent oils.  This also contains Babassu, Coconut, Castor, and Palm oils.

After I started bringing the batter to trace, I decided to get fancy – that will probably come back and bite me later.   I decided to split the batter out and only add the herbs & clay to the bottom.   I knew I had too much herb measured out (since I had originally intended to color the entire batch) so I removed some of it to reduce the amount.  I have no idea though If I removed too much or too little.  We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Adding the herbs and clay turned the batter a dark brownish green.   I put this entire amount (about 1/3 of the soap batter in total) on the bottom.   Then I put a gold mica coating over it. After that, I poured the pretty green batter on top and gave it a little gold mica swirl on top.

There is no colorant in this recipe.  The colors are due to the unrefined hempseed oil and the herbs.

I do not like patchouli.  I have mentioned this before.  To me, it smells like body odor.   But I know a lot of people who do like it.   I saw someone say this was their favorite blend and that the sweetness of the spearmint blends will with the patchouli.   So far, it is not killing me (the smell) but I haven’t unmolded the soap yet.  We’ll have to see how it smells then.   I didn’t think it smelled bad when I made the soap.   I am trying hard to get an acquired taste for patchouli.  I “want” to like it.


I have a few recipes made up for a few more batches of soap. I am hoping I will get time tomorrow.    For now, I will just have to wait for these soap to be ready to unmold and see how they turned out.   I will post an update when they are out of the mold.

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