What a weekend it was!

Time again for my weekly wrap-up!   It was quite a weekend.

Friday night I made two soaps:  Spearmint Patchouli and Carrot Ginger Orange.

Saturday I made 4 lotions – Dry feeling lotion, luxury facial cream, luxury facial lotion, luxury conditioner.

Today I made one more soap (Dragons’ Fire) and got my pictures taken and measured the pH of my lotions.

I’d say I had a great time!  I love my weekends!    And next week is a long weekend because I am taking July 3rd off work (the day before the US Independence day Holiday). So I will have a 4 day weekend!  Can’t wait!

Here are the pictures of my weekend adventures!

Dry Feeling Lotion (Unscented)


Luxury Facial Cream (Rose Water)


Luxury Facial Lotion (Ginger Lime)


Luxury Hair Conditioner (Rosemary Mint)


Spearmint Patchouli Hemp, Olive Leaf & Aloe Soap


Ginger, Carrot & Orange (With Carrot Powder, Ginger Root and Orange Peel) Soap


Dragon’s Fire (Palm-Free Soap)

(See here for free recipe)


Melissa Lip Balm (refill)


My husband just loves this stuff.  He used up all the previous ones I had given him and he asked for more.    I agree, this stuff is great.

It is made with sweet almond oil infused with a good amount of lemon balm (an antiviral), Plantain (for skin healing), Calendula (skin soothing), Chamomile (skin soothing) and Comfrey (skin healing).

This was one of the recipes in my last book “Home Spa Formulary“.



Well, that’s it for me folks.  Time to start gearing up for another busy work week.   But I am really looking forward to next weekend and will have tons of fun planning my adventures for my 4 day break!

Have a fantastic week!







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