Cutting Day

I posted over the weekend about three soaps I had made – Patchouli & Spearmint, Ginger, Carrot & Orange, and Dragon’s Fire.    Today they were finally ready to un-mold (sort of) and I got a chance to cut them and get a few pictures.


Patchouli & Spearmint with Olive Leaf, Aloe and Sea Clay


About half way through making this, I decided to color just the bottom portion with the herbs and clay.   I didn’t really take my time to measure out how much to use, so I was afraid I may have added too much.  It did stick to the mold quite a bit and has a rough outer surface, but both the bottom and top of the soap stuck, so I don’t think it was due to the clay and herbs.

I made this on Friday and it wasn’t unmolded until Tuesday. It should have been firmer, but it was still quite tacky.  The strange thing is that it was only tacky on the outside edges.  When I cut it, the inside was fine.

You can hardly see it in the picture, but there is a gold mica line separating the dark and light portions of the soap.


Ginger, Carrot & Orange with Ginger Root, Carrot Powder and Orange Peel


This one was also made on Friday and was still quite tacky today.  Again, only on the outside.  Maybe it’s the humidity.  I don’t know.   This one was less rough than the Patchouli & Spearmint, and the roughness is very superficial.  Other than that, the soap turned out lovely and smells tasty – very orange and spice! The color was a bright orange when I poured it into the mold, but has mellowed to a light orange-yellow color now.


Dragon’s Fire


This is my first palm-free soap.  I was expecting it to be very soft, but honestly, it was much harder than the previous two soaps.  Look how crisp the edges are in the uncut soap log!  Lovely!

I couldn’t wait to see the swirls in this one, and I was not disappointed.   I think they turned out great!  I wish I had remembered to add the fragrance oil, but oh well, it’s still an interesting soap even without it.


I can’t believe it’s the end of Tuesday already.  I had better get planning my adventures for my upcoming 4 day weekend!


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