Playing Hooky to Make Soap

I am off work today, playing hooky.  Well, technically, I took a vacation day because tomorrow is a US Holiday, so I could have a nice, long weekend.

I ended up going shopping on Saturday, so I didn’t get to do anything very fun.  Yesterday was spent with my husband getting his Xbox One set up, and I had to make some refills of my favorite lotions — Tsumami and Unscented Squalane, Kukui & Sesame.  Those are my absolute two favorite and I used them all up already.   Now I am happily restocked. 🙂

Today I finally got to make some soap.  

A month or two ago, I bought some samples of Nurture Soap fragrances.  I have been itching to make some soap with a couple of them.   I had already made a few with the other fragrances I bought, but not these two yet.

American Cream


This one smells pretty – very girly.  So I thought I would go with the “girl camo” colors – pink, cream and brown.  The fragrance may discolor, but we’ll see.

I decided to do just a simple ITP swirl.  I used two shades of Pink Vibrance (from Nurture Soap) and cappuccino Mica (Brambleberry) and then just titanium dioxide for the white.   The white did discolor to a light yellow when I put in the fragrance.

I totally botched the top when I was trying to texture it, so I drizzled a little white soap batter from my second batch of soap on top and then sprinkled on some rose buds & petals.





This one smells pretty good too.  I don’t know how to describe it, but it definitely has Ylang Ylang in it (that part I don’t like very much).  It changes on you when you smell it though.  First you get the ylang ylang, and then a pretty, soft fragrance, much like Emeraude perfume.

For this one, I chose two shades of purple (Nurture Soap Purple Vibrance Mica) and two shades of teal (Hydrated Chrome Green Oxide) and Titanium Dioxide (white).

I did kind of a modified tiger stripe by pouring stripes of color down the side of the mold.  I did this for about 1/2 of the batter, then it became clear that I didn’t have enough of some of the colors to continue that.  Then I changed gears and poured in the rest of the white batter, and drizzle-dropped the other colors into it.

I topped it off with what I could scrape out of the cups and then gave it some figure 8’s with a skewer.



I admit I wasn’t in much of a planning mood today, so I just kind of “winged it” with these two soaps.  I was just experimenting with new fragrances and color combos, so it wasn’t really that important to me to get it right.  I find I need to do that sometimes to keep the fun in it.  You never know when your carefree experiments will yield pleasant surprises!

As always, I can’t wait (for a few days) to be able to unmold these and see the pretty swirls.  I will just have to show some restraint and be patient.

I have some more fun planned for tomorrow, but for today, sadly, that is all the time there is.  Now it’s time to make dinner, and then I have to do my workout tonight.  After that I will be done-for.



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