Dragon’s Blood Type Soap – Remake

Last week I made some palm-free soap for the first time and it turned out wonderful!  The only problem was that I forgot to add my fragrance oil — DOH!

So this weekend, I did a reboot.  I used slightly different colors, but the same palm-free recipe.  

I am liking this recipe.  The soap comes out of the mold very firm after only about 24 hours, without sticking at all!   I am beginning to think that the palm oil is the cause of the sticking problem I have been having.

This time, I decided to make the soap primarily red (Nurture Soap’s “Really Red Mica”).  I added Luster Black Mica and Titanium Dioxide to make my white and black swirls.  I left the white part unscented so it wouldn’t discolor.  I used only 1/4 cup of batter each for the red and the white parts.  The rest was all made into red batter.



I poured most of the red batter into the mold and then dropped in the white and then the black batter from varying heights.




Then I put more red on top, and scraped all my cups onto the surface.   I tried to texture it to look like dragon skin, but I am not quite sure I pulled it off.  It does, however, look like fire and smoke!


Today (Tuesday) I cut the soap.  I will post a “cutting of” post next, as I have not one, not two, but THREE soaps to show today!

I can’t wait for this to cure.  I really want to see how it performs as opposed to soaps made with palm oil.  Will I notice any difference in later?  Skin feel?  Cleansing?   We’ll just have to see.



6 thoughts on “Dragon’s Blood Type Soap – Remake

  1. It’s been a while since I forgot to add the fragrance but I remember the moment I realised really well – crushing 😂. Glad you’ve managed a remake – Dragon’s Blood FO is lovely!

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    1. This is the first time I used a Dragon’s Blood type fragrance. I usually don’t like men’s fragrances, but this one is nice. It’s not too strong. The one I got from Nurture Soap is kind of sweet and spicy.

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