Free Recipe: Anti-Aging Oil-Based Facial Serum

I generally have a dislike for putting oil on my face, so a serum (at least an oil based one) is not something common coming from me.   I do, however, have aging skin which could benefit very much from some additional help to give a more youthful appearance.

The word “serum” doesn’t really have a firm definition.  Many things can be a serum.  Serums can be a mixture of chemicals, a mixture of water-based ingredients or oil-based ingredients (and probably many other things as well).   I like to use the word “serum” to describe a mixture of things that was made with a specific benefit in mind — in this case – – boosting collagen and elastin formation of the facial skin.

This is an oil based serum with specific oils and extracts that are known to have the desired properties.  I have redness (rosacea, sensitivity, and thinning skin, so I wanted oils that helped with redness, pigmentation, inflammation, and cell regeneration.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, radiance, cell regeneration

Borage Oil

Anti-Inflammatory, redness, antioxidant

Evening Primrose Oil

Aging, anti-inflammatory,  nourishing, radiance, pigmentation, redness

Olive Squalane

Conditioning, protecting, penetrating

Argan Oil

Aging, cell regeneration, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, radiance, healing

Macadamia Nut Oil

Aging, healing, nourishing, moisturizing, cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory, dry skin, sensitive skin

I also threw in a few oil-based extracts:

Ginseng Extract


Chamomile Extract

Anti-inflammatory, soothing, redness, sensitive skin,

Green Tea Extract

Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, collagen, aging, sensitive skin, hair strength, hair gloss


This is a heavy feeling oil that would be suitable for a night treatment.  I wouldn’t use it during the day unless you are used to having oil on your face.  It did sink in, but slowly.


Here is the recipe:

Anti-Aging Oil-Based Facial Serum




Rose Hip 15.0% 19
Borage 15.0% 19
Evening Primrose 10.0% 13
Olive Squalane 15.0% 19
Argan 16.0% 20
Macadamia 20.0% 25
Extract (OS):Green Tea 3.0% 4
Extract (OS):Chamomile 3.0% 4
Extract (OS):Ginseng 3.0% 4


Measure and add all the ingredients into a measuring cup.  Give it a good stir and pour into squeeze bottles.

I did not scent this, but you could add a small amount (maybe 1 gram) of a gentle essential oil like lavender or chamomile if you prefer a scent.


Here is the Oil Fatty Acid Profiles of the oils used.

It has a very balanced Oleic/Linoleic value overall, which is great for sensitive and aging skin.   It also has a good amount of Linolenic acid as well.

Oleic Repairs normal skin barrier function, moisturizing, Longer shelf life, anti-inflammatory, good absorption, occlusive (seals in moisture), antiaging
Linoleic Promotes normal skin barrier functions, reduces skin scaling, anti acne, moisture retention, anti-inflammatory, shorter shelf life than oleic acids, lighter and drier feeling oil than high oliec,  ideal for those with acne
Linolenic Skin lightening, improves skin barrier, improved skin tone, reduces inflammation, cell regenerating, elasticity

When you add up the percentages used of each oil and total the various fatty acids based on those percentages (which I am not 100% sure is the correct way to figure this, but this is what I’m going with for now), you get an overall fatty acid profile that looks something like this:

Oils – Fatty Acid Profile (per % oil used)

0.0 0.4 5.5 3.3 0.0 34.3 27.4 6.7
Lauric Myristic Palmitic Stearic Ricinoleic Oleic Linoleic Linolenic

Notice the very small amount of lauric and myristic.  Aha!  That is why it doesn’t sink in very fast.   But look at all that Linoleic, Oleic and Linolenic!  This looks to me to be a pretty good anti-aging serum that will lighten dark spots, even skin tone, help the skin produce elastin and collagen, and cell regeneration.

I’ll let you know in a few months if I look any younger (not holding out too much hope though… time passes and you can’t reverse it).


5 thoughts on “Free Recipe: Anti-Aging Oil-Based Facial Serum

  1. I used to hate the idea of putting oil on my face, probably because I did everything I could to counteract oily skin as a teenager. BUT six months ago I started using an oil serum instead of a moisturiser in the daytime and I can’t tell you how amazing it is! My skin is 46 years old and never looked better (in my humble opinion!) It must be fairly light as it sinks in quite easily and my skin is ready for a BB cream within 10 mins of application. If you ever formulate a one more suitable for daytime I’ll def give it a go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good idea! It can certainly be formulated with lighter feeling oils for daytime! I’ll put that idea into my “next time I have my oils out” pile! 🙂 My skin is super dry so I need the moisture too, but at night, I thought I’d dry the more “intensive therapy”. I used it last night and my skin does feel very soft this morning!


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