Triple the Pleasure – Cutting Euphoria, American Cream and Dragon’s Blood (2) Soaps

It was a fantastic long weekend for me, and I got 3 soaps made in total.    I wasn’t expecting to be able to un-mold them for a few days, but for some reason, the stars all aligned and they were all ready to cut today.

I posted this weekend about making the Euphoria and American Cream Soaps, and I just posted another post a moment ago about making the remake of Dragon’s Blood soap.

Let’s have a look now at the cutting ceremony!

Dragon’s Blood


Didn’t it turn out nice?   It kind of reminds me of the “mod” 1970’s for some reason.


American Cream


Nurture Soap said on their webpage for this fragrance that it “moderately” discolors.   Well that yellow soap you see there?  That was white (with titanium dioxide in it) yesterday.   I don’t know if it will continue discoloring to brown, or will stay yellow.  The yellow works quite nice with the design, but if it turns brown, it might be too much brown and obscure my design altogether.  It smells fantastic though, and I am happy with how the swirl turned out.




This one turned out largely how I envisioned it (ok, maybe even better).   I did have to change gears mid-way through my pour as I was running out of purple.  I started by doing a modified tiger stripe, pouring the colors down the side of the mold.  Then I just poured in the white and did a drop swirl with the rest of my colors on the top.    I think it turned out quite attractive.  I am happy with my color combination.


Here are all 3 of them individually, in their full glory!




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