Five Outta Six Ain’t Bad

Have you ever had one of those weekends when everything you did just turned out 100% perfect, or even better than you imagined?   Well, I didn’t have one of those, but it was almost that!   I only had one thing that didn’t turn out to my liking.  All the rest of them met or exceeded my expectations!

I did a lot of things this weekend; three batches of soap, two lotions and bath bombs.   I was quite busy, but now that it’s over, and I put all my stuff away, I feel like I got some good recreation time in.

So let’s start out with what didn’t turn out like I expected and go from there (we’ll get that one out-of-the-way).  🙂


Cocoa and Yuzu Body Butter


This recipe contained cocoa butter, camellia seed and sesame oils, as well as a host of other goodies such as allantoin, rice protein and oat extract).   It was made just like the rest of my lotions, but I added about 1/2 teaspoon of bronze mica.


I had great hopes for this one.  My body butters that I had made last weekend turned out wonderful, so I had no reason to believe this one would be any different.  For whatever reason, probably because I used “natural” cocoa butter versus “deodorized”, or something, it turned out too thick and lumpy.  I think this batch of cocoa butter is just grainy.   Oh well.  One for the “oops pile”.  It smells wonderful though with Nurture Soap’s “Cocoa and Yuzu” fragrance.


Frozen Collagen Focused Lotion


I bought some new fragrance samples from Nurture Soap, and one of them is called “Frozen”.   You would think something called “frozen” would be minty or cool, but this one is a soft floral scent.

Of course, because it’s “frozen”, it had to be blue.   Luckily, they sent me a free sample of “belize blue” mica with my order.  It’s a pretty, sky-gray blue color.  I put it to good use.


I call it a “collagen focused” lotion because it contains oils thought to help with collagen production (babassu, jojoba) and also contains other cell regenerating, skin lightening, anti-aging treats like niacinamide, allantoin, aloe, sodium lactate and green tea extract.

I have to admit that I liked this fragrance much better in the bottle.  Once it was unleashed into the lotion, it bloomed into something like a lily of the valley scent.  In the bottle it smelled so soft and pretty.  I am hoping that it was just because the lotion was warm and once it cools off, it will mellow back out.


Día de los Muertos Bubble Bath Bombs


My sister’s birthday is coming up in just a few weeks so I thought I had better get busy making bath bombs.   She can’t get enough of them. While lotions, soaps, and other skin-care items are always welcome, it’s always the bath bombs that are the apple of her eye.

One of the fragrance samples I bought was “Day of the Dead” from Nurture Soap.   It smells kind of fruity and crisp.  It’s rather nice actually, nothing like you would expect from the name.


I picked some popular Día de los Muertos colors (Yellow, red green, white) and made a 4 colored bath bomb with SLSA for bubbles!   These smell wonderful, turned out pretty, and I am sure she will love them!  Now I just need to make about 4 more kinds and she will be well stocked for her birthday!


Aloe, Hemp, Patchouli & French Green Clay Palm Free Soap


I am still trying to learn to love Patchouli, so I gave it a try this time with a little lavender and peppermint.   It smells OK.  At least I don’t hate it.  The patchouli is kind of in the background with this blend, but that is a good thing.


This one is all natural and palm-free.  It just has essential oils, carrier oils, french green clay, aloe powder, tussah silk.   The carrier oils are hemp and olive.  It also has a generous amount of shea and cocoa butter (deodorized).

Like the rest of the palm-free soaps I have been experimenting with, this unmolded in less than 24 hours and did not stick to the mold at all.

Cocoa and Yuzu Palm Free Soap


It’s always a scary thing trying out a new fragrance in cold process soap.   You never know how it’s going to behave.   This one behaved rather well while I was soaping, but after I molded it, about an hour later, I noticed a very small crack on the top.  I immediately threw it into the fridge and this seemed to have stopped whatever was happening to it.    I was sure I would end up with a partial gel, but nope — not a trace of it!

I used olive, kukui, and rice bran oils and natural cocoa and shea butters.


For this one, I did sort of a tiger stripe technique for my in-the-pot swirl and then alternated between pouring a line on the left of the mold, and then on the right of the mold until it was full.

I think it turned out very pretty.   Better than I imagined!   It smells absolutely yummy too.


Surf’s Up – Palm Free Soap


I am super picky when it comes to fragrances, and I am pretty ruthless in my descriptions of them sometimes.   This fragrance is Nurture Soap’s “Outback Mate”.  They describe it as “eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass”.   I describe it as “comet cleanser”.    I used it thinking it would develop in my finished soap, but so far all I can think of when I smell it is comet cleanser.  Maybe once it cures it will mellow.   It sure will open your sinuses though!

For this one, I used olive, coconut, castor and flaxseed oils and cocoa butter (deodorized).   I also added a pinch of tussah silk.

I did a multiple in-the pot swirl.  First I poured some white and caribbean blue batter together and poured it into the mold, then I repeated that, and added some hydrated chrome green oxide, and then finally did it again, adding some belize blue mica.  I just kept adding more layers of color as I poured into the mold.  I like the effect, but the belize blue and hydrated chrome green are kind of the same color depth, so it is a little hard to see in the picture, but there are 4 distinct colors in there.


I gave it a little “wave” texture on the top, let it sit for about 12 hours and it popped right out of the mold, no dents, no dings!



That was a lot for one weekend’s work!  I’m pretty exhausted now and “almost” glad to go back to work tomorrow so I can get some rest.  Well, if it were only that easy — I have a busy work week this week too, so I guess rest will just have to wait for another day!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, full of good opportunities, fun, and success!



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