Something a little bit different

This weekend was spent doing something different.   I have been making soaps and lotions for so long, that my sewing fell behind schedule.   I was able to catch it up this weekend, though, and I am just two projects short of being done.

To round out my gift to my sister and her girls when I go see them in a couple of weeks, I make them some cute pillowcases and cell phone wristlet purses.

I have made these for them many times before, but they so look forward every year to getting a new one.



This weekend I managed to get four pillowcases done.  I still have one more to go, but I won’t have the fabric to make it until sometime later this week.  My nephew likes college sports teams, so I had to special order some Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team fabric for him.

These only take about a yard and a quarter of fabric each and come together in less than an hour per pillowcase.  I used this pattern.

My sister loves butterflies, so the one on the top-right is for her.  The red one is for my niece’s 1 year old boy.  The other two with the birdies and bunnies are for my nieces.

Cell Phone Wristlets


I also managed to whip up 6 cell phone wristlets.   These are a very fast project if you’re ok with sewing zippers.  They come together in about 2 hours.

Everyone loves these because they are a perfect size to “grab and go”.  They have a wrist strap, they hold your phone in one pocket, and have a few more pockets for putting credit cards, some cash, and even a few more essentials like lip balm, chewing gum, or whatever is small enough to fit.

I have an Iphone 6sPlus, so it is quite large (6 and 1/4 long by about 3 1/2 inches wide), so the purse dimensions are approximetly 8.5 inches wide by 4 inches tall.   If you had a smaller phone, you could make this smaller by altering the width of the fabric pieces.  I find this makes a nice size though, so it is just large enough to hold a few essentials, but not too big to lug around easily.



If you want to try them, I have the free pattern over on my other blog, homespun hobbyist >> HERE.


Now when my other fabric comes in, I have one more wristlet and one more pillowcase to whip up, and then I am done with my summer sewing.

On a side note, I am feeling particularly brave.  Why?  Because I did not abandon my house and move into a motel.   Seriously, I found three yellowjacket hornets in my window on Friday.  My husband killed them, and a few hours later, there were three more.   So they were definitely getting in somewhere.

He investigated and found a HUGE hive in the basement.  They had gotten in by the pipes that come in for the air conditioning units.   So he spent the day battling a hornets nest, and I spent the day terrified and contemplating taking up temporary residence elsewhere.  I stuck it out though and locked myself in myself sewing room instead.

We battled them all weekend, but they seem to be slowing down now.  I only saw one today, so hopefully this nightmare will be over soon.



4 thoughts on “Something a little bit different

    1. Lol, I did consider it, but I would have had to pack up all my sewing stuff to bring with me, and it seemed like more work than it was worth. I have a local fabric store called “fields fabrics” where I bought the fabric from. Thanks! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow – you are multi-talented! I have a sewing machine but it rarely comes out – really only when I need to repair something. It’s another thing on my ever growing ‘one day’ list! Loving the phone holder – I went on a course about 10 yrs ago and learnt to make a make-up bag with a zip, but I’m not sure I can remember how it was done 🙄


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