Teas and Tisanes – Tasty Experiments – Ten Free Recipes

I didn’t feel much like doing anything too crafty today. ¬†I am getting ready to go back to work tomorrow because my vacation is sadly over. ūüė¶

Instead of making soap, lotions, sewing or doing any of that stuff, I decided to dip into my herb stash and do some experiments of the tasty kind.

I don’t have any tea drinkers in my family, so this was “just for me”. ¬† However, I wanted to make them look pretty too, just in case I do find a tea drinker, so I could have a presentable gift for them.

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Menagerie – Vacation Round-Up

Hi all! ¬†I have been away for a couple of weeks. ¬†I needed a break from work and from book writing, and maybe a little bit from creating too. ¬† I took 2 weeks to do just “whatever” instead of having a plan. ¬†Sometimes that is good for the soul!

My plans were somewhat interrupted due to the recent hurricanes and preparations for the next ones. ¬†This made me have a “working vacation” since it caused some extra work at work. ¬†At least I got to enjoy some free time in between “on call” events.

I started out ¬†last weekend with a quick visit “up north” to see my sister, nieces, and deliver all the goodies I have been making them. ¬† ¬†It was a nice trip, a beautiful day, and very enjoyable. ¬†Needless to say everything I gifted them was well-received. ¬†Especially the bath bombs — always the bath bombs! Continue reading “Menagerie – Vacation Round-Up”