Waterless Weekend

Due to some scheduled maintenance on the water system in our house over the weekend, I was unable to make any soap or lotions.    That didn’t stop me though — I simply broke out the ol’ knitting machine.   A girl’s gotta do something to keep out of trouble…er….keep busy!

My husband recently bought a new suede winter jacket.   It’s nice enough, but it needed some splashes of color to liven it up a little.    With winter coming soon (*I hope), I decided to make him a couple of scarves to keep his neck warm.


If you have never tried machine knitting, you really should give it a try.  It would have taken me months or longer to hand-knit these scarves.   They are really long — over 6 feet long each.

In one weekend I was able to make two scarves with my knitting machine.   Actually the scarves themselves only took a couple hours each (Just long enough to take in Series 4 of Sherlock). The rest of the time was spend setting up my machine because I had it packed away for the summer.


It’s not really “cheating” to use a knitting machine.  There is nothing automatic about it at all.  There is a ton of skill and technique involved, not to mention the design and finishing.  It’s simply a “different” type of knitting skill that goes much faster than traditional hand-knitting.   It does have a learning curve, but if you do know how to knit, it goes much faster because some of the skills transfer.

Anyhow, not a very exciting weekend, I’m afraid, but I thought I’d share something a little bit different.   Actually I did have fun after all, and am already planning doing a fair-isle scarf for him next. 🙂  Maybe next weekend, who knows?




3 thoughts on “Waterless Weekend

  1. Where will the talents end?! 😆. My friend’s mum had a knitting machine many many years ago and she made me a super-long Dr Who scarf – know the kind I mean – Tom Baker era? Anyway, I can believe that it takes a lot of skill to master one of those machines, it looks so intricate!

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