It’s Ridiculous!

I spent the weekend again “not” making soap or lotion again.   I confess, it felt great to do something a little different, but I am getting ready to go back to soaping, probably next weekend.

My son told me that while he was cleaning out his storage unit, somebody walked away with a box of his Christmas decorations.    Several years ago I had made him and his fiancée’ ridiculously large Christmas stockings. They loved them! They have a fondness for ridiculous things.  Unfortunately, those stockings were in the box that walked away. 😦

Since the two of them are getting married next month, I decided to make them a new pair of Christmas stockings, just as ridiculous as the last ones.  This should help them celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife!


I have SO many partial balls of yarn in my crafting closet.  There isn’t enough of any one of any of them to make anything.  But…there was enough to make some striped Christmas stockings!   Luckily, I had colors that worked well together.

I managed to make quite a mess of my sewing room in the process and it took me about 10 hours to make these, but I think it may have taken me at least months to knit them by hand, so I can’t complain.


The worse part was weaving in all the threads from those stripes!


Once I managed to get them all woven in, I seamed them and kitchener stitched the toes up.  Then I knit up some i-cord for the hangers and the tie at the top. Finally, I made some tassels.

Here they are with my foot in the picture as a size reference.   Now, mind you, I don’t have tiny feet!  I wear a US size 9.5 ladies shoe!


And here they are on a 36 inch cutting mat.  They are a lot bigger than their old stockings.



Here is a picture of the ones I had made them previously.


So what do you think?  Did I manage to make ridiculous Christmas stockings?   Do you like the old ones better or the new ones?


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