Wheatgerm Oil – Soapy Experiments – Daphne and Velma

I have been tempted for the longest time to purchase some wheatgerm oil for soaping and lotion.  I remember back in the 1970’s using Faberge’ Organics Wheat Germ Oil and Honey products and always loved how it made my hair feel.   Finally I did buy some wheatgerm oil a few weeks ago!   So this weekend, I made a couple batches of soap and a conditioner (more on that later).

Wheatgerm and Rosehip Seed Oil Soap with Silk and Shea (Daphne)


This soap has an interesting fatty acid profile due to the high linoleic properties of both the wheatgerm and rosehip seed oils.

Linoleic fatty acids are thought to promote normal skin barrier functions, reduce skin scaling, improve moisture retention, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosehip seed oil is also fairly high in linolenic fatty acids, which are thought to be beneficial for skin lightening, skin barrier function, improved skin tone, reduced inflammation, cell regeneration, and elasticity.

Both the wheatgerm and rosehip seed oils are darker colored oils, so it does color the soap.  I decided to leave this one just “natural” and add no colorants.

Since the wheatgerm oil has an “earthy” odor, I decided to use an herbal scent of rosemary and peppermint in this soap.

I made this a palm-free soap and it came out of the mold after about 20 hours with no dents and nice, crisp, sharp corners.  It did get a little soda ash, but that will wash off.

I can smell the rosemary mint, but I also still smell a little bit of the earthiness in the wheatgerm oil.  It is not too strong, and maybe it will fade a little as the soap cures.

I decided to name her “Daphne” after the character on Scooby-Doo (to keep with the 70’s theme).



Wheatgerm, Flax and Carrot Soap (Velma)


A couple of years ago, we bought a juicer, with good intentions of using it often.  Well, in reality, it sits in the basement collecting dust, but I do occasionally break it out to make juices for soaping.

In went a handful of baby carrots and out came a couple of ounces of fresh carrot juice.


This is also a palm-free soap, but instead of rosehip seed oil, I used flax seed oil.  Flaxseed is highly conditioning.  In soapcalc, it has a conditioning value of 90.   That is quite a high conditioning level.  There are others that are higher, but flaxseed is very inexpensive.

I used a combination of both coconut and babassu oils, mango and cocoa butters, and the usual other soaping oils (olive, castor).

I scented this with orange, anise and patchouli essential oils.  I also decided to just leave the color natural since the oils, carrot and orange essential oil already added plenty of color.

I added the carrot juice at trace (deducting 1 ounce from my water amount and adding 1 ounce of carrot juice in its place).  The dark colored liquid you see in the picture below are my essential oils (orange anise and patchouli).


This one also came out of the mold without any sticking.  Nice and crisp!

And, in keeping with my Scooby-Doo 70’s theme, this one is called “Velma”.



All I thought about all week last week was getting some time to make some wheatgerm oil soap, so now I feel fulfilled!

Only time will tell if the earthy smell will die down. I hope it does, at least a little bit.   I didn’t think you would smell it so much when I only used 10% wheatgerm oil in my recipe. You can definitely smell it more in the rosemary mint soap than in the orange, anise, patchouli soap.  Perhaps the earthiness of the patchouli tamed it.


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