Gel Experiments – Continued

Yesterday I posted about my experiment with making an under eye gel.  While it was not a total failure (I did end up with a gel), the product didn’t meet my expectations.   As such, I did another experiment to try to troubleshoot.

The gel I made yesterday smelled terrible and was very sticky / tacky.   Since I had made it with a few “extra” ingredients, I had no way to know if one of those things was making it sticky.  Maybe it was the strawberry fruit essence, or one of the many other things I added.


So last night, I made up a batch of plain gel with nothing but water, Sepimax Zen, and Liquid Germall Plus preservative.   That eliminates everything but the Sepimax Zen as being the culprit.

The gel I made the first time was also not “clear” and Sepimax Zen is supposed to make a clear gel, so, while I was expecting something that looked like aloe vera gel, it was kind of opaque white (even though it contained no oils or oil soluble ingredients).   So as part of my “part 2 experiment”,  I wanted to also see if my “plain gel” would be clear.

First, I measured out my ingredients:

  • Distilled Water – 96% – 96 grams
  • Sepimax Zen – 3% – 3 grams
  • Liquid Germall Plus – 0.5% – 1 Gram


Then I mixed the preservative and water together and sprinkled the Sepimax Zen on top. (No stirring, just sprinkle evenly and set aside for 8 hours).


I let it sit overnight and today, it looked like this – It’s pretty clear at this point.  It’s a blob of  grainy looking gel sitting on top of about 1/2 inch of water.


So I got out my hand mixer and attached one beater to it and mixed it for about 2 minutes.  (and darn it — wouldn’t you know I forgot to move my sweat jacket out of the way of the picture background again!)


Then I poured it back into my glass beaker so I could get a better picture.  It was no longer clear, but it had smoothed out and made a non-grainy looking gel.


It was very thick because this time I used 3% Sepimax Zen instead of 2.5% that I used last time.  I wanted a thicker gel.


I put some on my hands.  The verdict?  TACKY.    So I let it dry.  Still TACKY.   I put some under my eyes and let it get good and dry.   TACKY.

The funny part is when I squinted my eyes while looking in the mirror and suddenly, my wrinkles were like 10 times worse than they normally are (like when you let Elmers glue dry on your hands).

So what I have invented is a prosthetic make-up that can be used at Halloween to artificially age yourself and make you appear that you have wrinkles.

On top of that, it still smells terrible.  It smells very “plastic-y”.

Verdict?   Sepimax Zen is not for me.

So it’s back to the drawing board when it comes to gels.  Have any of you used anything different to make gels with?

I am thinking of buying some carbomer and triethanalomine and trying that.  Maybe it will stink less or be less sticky.  Anyone try this before?  Any advice on other products to get a clear, non-tacky, non-stinky gel?


And with that, I am out of time and energy once again.   Work is going to be crazy ugly this week, so I will likely be out of touch until next weekend.  It’s going to be a long week.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


6 thoughts on “Gel Experiments – Continued

    1. I saw your posts and I have been considering buying some AVC. It is next on my list! I am trying some more Sepimax experiments this weekend but I still think it feels “heavy” and I don’t much care for it. I was hoping for the electrolyte tolerance, but oh well, I guess I will have to save all those lovely electrolytes for my lotions instead. I did manage to successfully add small amounts of electrolytes (HLA 1% gel) to my carbomer emulgel, but no aloe, sodium lactate or proteins were added.

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