Free Body Butter Formulation – Inexpensive Body Butter for Gifting

I often make lotions, body butters, soaps, and other bath and body products to be luxurious (using exotic or more expensive ingredients to make them ultra-pampering).    This, however, can drive up the price of the product.

If making the product for yourself, or giving to a special person in your life, that is not a big deal.   Nothing that I make is so expensive that it is prohibitive.  Some things are just a little more pricey than others.

There are times, though, that you need to make larger than normal amounts — for the holidays, for example.   In those cases, especially when the people on your gift list might be younger people, a less expensive version is always a good thing to have in your repertoire.

As such, I wanted to share the recipe I have been using for the body butters on my Christmas gifting list with you.

Just because this body butter is less expensive to make doesn’t mean it is sub-par.  Indeed, this recipe is full of lovely, skin pampering ingredients!   No, it just means that some “extras” were omitted.  Especially with young people, they don’t tend to need all the conditioning, repairing, anti-aging, and dry-skin-loving ingredients that older skin does.

By omitting things like aloe vera liquid, hydrolyzed proteins, botanical extracts, and by using less expensive oils and butters, you can cut the cost in half.   My more luxurious version which contains all those things costs about $6.00 USD per 16 ounce jar.   This version costs about $3.25 USD for the same quantity.  (Of course it might be slightly more or less than that for you depending on where you buy your ingredients and in what quantity you buy them in).

This body butter contains lovely ingredients  which are great for winter-dry skin.  It is thick, rich, moisturizing, creamy, and indulgent!

Inexpensive Body Butter for Gifting


Pictured are: (left) Pumpkin Souffle and (right) Spiked Egg Nog body butters.

Makes one 16 ounce container of body butter.

Water Phase



Distilled Water 59.6% 298
Vegetable Glycerin 2.0% 10
Sodium Lactate 2.0% 10
Allantoin 0.5% 3

Oils Phase



Cocoa Butter 7.0% 35
Shea Butter 7.0% 35
Babassu Oil 3.0% 15
Rice Bran Oil 3.0% 15
Sweet Almond Oil 3.0% 15
Cetyl Alcohol 2.0% 10
Emulsifying Wax NF 7.9% 39

Cool Down Phase



Liquid Germall Plus 0.5% 3
DM350 Dimethicone 2.0% 10
Fragrance Oil 0.5% 3

If desired, you can add a skin-safe colorant, like mica.   I add this during the 2nd mixing because at first the lotion is very hot, but by the 2nd mixing, it is cooler.   I find that it blends in easily then, and gives you a chance to gradually add your colorant until you are happy with the hue.

Start with less than you think you need and add more as desired after mixing and observing, of course.  I am using quite a bit in the picture below, but it is not a strong color and I am making a double batch of lotion.  Usually, I start out with about 1/4 of this amount.



Follow the basic lotion making instructions (scroll down on the page to find it).

The only difference with this is that when you get to the final step of adding the cool-down ingredients, the lotion is going to be quite thick (if cooled enough).   Stir the cool down ingredients in with a spatula and then stick blend until the mixture is very smooth.



  • Emulsifying Wax NF – you can use Polawax at 34 grams or you can use BTMS-50 at 33 grams.  Add the difference in weight (5 or 6 grams) as water.
  • Oils – you can use whatever combination of oils and butters you like.  Babassu will thicken the lotion, so using a different oil might make a thinner body butter, but it should still be rich and creamy.  Try to stick to non-greasy feeling oils because this does have shea butter and that can already be a little greasy.
  • If omitting the dimethicone, consider using less shea butter and more cocoa butter, or substitute the shea with mango or another non-greasy butter.  Dimethicone can help the lotion feel less greasy, so omitting it might make a greasier body butter unless you reduce or substitute the shea.  If omitting, add 10 grams more of one of your oils.
  • If using a different preservative that requires a different percentage, adjust the water amount (up or down) to accommodate the difference between the Liquid Germall Plus amount and the amount you need to use of your preservative.
  • Cetyl alchohol can be substituted in equal amounts with stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol or behenyl alcohol.   Changing this ingredient will change the feel of the lotion (stearic and cetearyl can feel waxy, for example, whereas cetyl is silky and behnyl is velvety).
  • Water phase ingredients (allantoin, glycerin, sodium lactate) can be omitted or substituted with other water-soluble ingredients.  If omitting, add the grams of the omitted item into the water line item.
  • Fragrance Oil – of course, you can use any body safe fragrance or essential oil combination you like.  Or you can leave the product unscented.  If omitting, just add 3 more grams of one of your oils.

I hope you enjoy this formulation and that it makes the giftees on your holiday list feel extra special!


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