I am short on words this week.  I just can’t think of anything much to say other than what a lovely weekend it was!  So I guess I will just dive in to the details this time, rather than waxing philosophic.

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Dragon’s Blood Type Soap – Remake

Last week I made some palm-free soap for the first time and it turned out wonderful!  The only problem was that I forgot to add my fragrance oil — DOH!

So this weekend, I did a reboot.  I used slightly different colors, but the same palm-free recipe.   Continue reading “Dragon’s Blood Type Soap – Remake”

Cutting Day

I posted over the weekend about three soaps I had made – Patchouli & Spearmint, Ginger, Carrot & Orange, and Dragon’s Fire.    Today they were finally ready to un-mold (sort of) and I got a chance to cut them and get a few pictures.

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What a weekend it was!

Time again for my weekly wrap-up!   It was quite a weekend.

Friday night I made two soaps:  Spearmint Patchouli and Carrot Ginger Orange.

Saturday I made 4 lotions – Dry feeling lotion, luxury facial cream, luxury facial lotion, luxury conditioner.

Today I made one more soap (Dragons’ Fire) and got my pictures taken and measured the pH of my lotions.

I’d say I had a great time!  I love my weekends!    And next week is a long weekend because I am taking July 3rd off work (the day before the US Independence day Holiday). So I will have a 4 day weekend!  Can’t wait! Continue reading “What a weekend it was!”

Dragon’s Fire – A Palm Free Soap Recipe

I have never made a palm-free soap before.   I generally use the “responsible” palm oil that Brambleberry sells for all my soaps.    I have wanted to try out making palm-free for a while, but never got a chance.  Well, today I did, and I am sharing the recipe!

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Book Launch: Luxurious Handmade Soap – 20 Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps

I am thrilled today to announce the launch of my third book on the Kindle Store.   Luxurious Handmade Soap – 20 Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps contains recipes and instructions for 20 beautiful swirled, embellished, and frosted soaps, soaps for men and milk soaps.  The recipes are suitable for advanced beginners to experienced soap makers. Continue reading “Book Launch: Luxurious Handmade Soap – 20 Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps”

Rustic Woods and Rum – A Gentleman’s Soap

I am not a fan of most men’s fragrance oils.    To me, they often smell like Axe or like Old Spice.   I just don’t care for them much.   But recently Brambleberry sent me a free sample of their new fragrance “Rustic Woods and Rum”.

In the bottle, it smelled OK.  Better than those fragrances I mentioned earlier.  But when I made this into soap -oh my!.    I actually like it and so does my husband (who is also hard to please with scents).  So off it went into the kitchen to make a batch of soap for men. Continue reading “Rustic Woods and Rum – A Gentleman’s Soap”