It’s Knitting Season (Finally!)

December is here already and I have been so busy making beads and Christmas gifts that I hadn’t gotten around to getting out my knitting machine yet!  Until now!

Early this week, I put the beads away and got out my knitter.  I have lost so much weight that I am now able to wear leggings without looking like a sausage!!!  Hooray for me!   However!   I bought a pair of boot slippers (Wicked Good Lodge Chukkas from LL Bean).  But my legs were a little cold, and my ankles look far too skinny sticking out of those chunky boots!  So the remedy to both of these problems is — Leg Warmers! Continue reading “It’s Knitting Season (Finally!)”


Beauty in Simplicity

Last week, while on vacation, I posted a free formula for making a possible dupe of an Aveeno product (Sheer Hydration Lotion).   It was a fairly simple formula really — nothing very fancy in it.   Well, it turns out it’s a big hit around here!  Continue reading “Beauty in Simplicity”

Remains of Winter – What to do in an ice storm

It is unseasonably terrible outside today.  In fact, it has been so all weekend long.   A late winter ice storm is slowly blowing through and we are under a winter storm warning.

It is mid-April and we should be getting some early spring-like weather here in Michigan, but instead, we get this: Continue reading “Remains of Winter – What to do in an ice storm”

Weekend Chores and Recipes

My chores were stacking up on me lately since I have been spending so much time knitting. I spent a good part of my morning today catching them up.

I got my chores done now, and am including a recipe here for some herbal bed time tea and (my dinner), teriyaki chicken marinade.

Continue reading “Weekend Chores and Recipes”

Dublin Mitts

As if I don’t already have enough knitting behind me yet, today I was inspired by the color of one of my skeins of yarn.   I thought this color would make a lovely pair of fingerless mitts for a man — and I was right.  But what I was wrong about was that it makes a lovely pair of mitts –period.  Man or woman!   Unfortunately, I made them “man sized” so now I need to make them again “lady sized” so I can have a pair.

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Photo Shoot with a New Friend

A new friend arrived at my house today.   She is going to help me display my knitwear!   Because I am decidedly NOT photogenic, she is going to be my stand-in.    I haven’t decided “who she is” yet, so she has no name at the moment.

No, she’s not perfect.  She has no hair.  Her hands are a bit small.  Her feet and bust are a bit large.   Her legs are very long.   I doubt there are many women with her proportions.   Unfortunately, my feet are smaller than hers, so my boots won’t fit her, so for now, she is going in her stocking feet. Still, I was pleasantly surprised I was able to get her to wear some of my clothes (without even having to pin them)!  That was amazing (and strangely rewarding).

I thought about buying a dressmaker form, but I couldn’t really find any that I liked that were affordable.   There was one that I kind of liked, but the shipping on it cost more than the dress form cost, so I passed.  Then I found this mannequin at and she was only $99 with $20 shipping, so I pulled the trigger.

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