Husbands! What are they good for?

Well it turns out, I just happen to have a handy, ingenious husband, so he is actually good for an awful lot!  He is good at indulging me, spoiling me, and coming up with ingenious ways to re-purpose.  😉

I think that everyone is familiar with the 90’s oak CD cabinet.  I think EVERYBODY had one, including me.    It was full of CDs that we never watch anymore, software driver discs that we don’t need anymore, and a bunch of music which has been replaced by digital means.   So we boxed it all up, and my handy dandy husband took off the legs and the base.  The rest turned out to be a fully functional, stand-alone hutch.   I would have never thought of it.  Continue reading “Husbands! What are they good for?”


More Herbs for the Apothecary & Product Review for Glenbrook Farms

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my new love affair with herbs.   I had purchased a few herbs and have been trying out some various recipes including some herb infused oils, salves, lip balm, tub tea, and drinking teas.

Well, I loved them so much, I bought myself an early Christmas present of more herbs.  🙂   My husband’s gift was that he didn’t complain about the money I spent on the herbs.  (LOL).  No, just kidding, he isn’t really much of a complainer about my craft spending, anyway.

I thought I would share my impressions and experience about the company I bought from because I think they are a lesser known company (at least I haven’t seen the mentioned often) and so far I am very happy with their product.   Most of the herbal articles I see recommend Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals, or some more obscure (and expensive) specialty herb stores.    I have seen mixed reviews on some of these companies, but could not find much about the company I did eventually buy from, which is Glenbrook Farms.   So I decided to give them a chance. Continue reading “More Herbs for the Apothecary & Product Review for Glenbrook Farms”

I’m having an affair – with herbs

In my previous posts, I have mentioned that I have always wanted an apothecary, so finally, after all these years, I am building one — and I am in love!

Having recently acquired some herbs I never tried before, and organizing them all into jars in my apothecary (china) cabinet, I wanted to make a post about why I chose those herbs and my experience with them so far. Continue reading “I’m having an affair – with herbs”