Book Launch: Luxurious Handmade Soap – 20 Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps

I am thrilled today to announce the launch of my third book on the Kindle Store.   Luxurious Handmade Soap – 20 Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps contains recipes and instructions for 20 beautiful swirled, embellished, and frosted soaps, soaps for men and milk soaps.  The recipes are suitable for advanced beginners to experienced soap makers. Continue reading “Book Launch: Luxurious Handmade Soap – 20 Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps”


Announcing my new e-book “Pure and Mild Soap: Natural and Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps”

Today I am excited to announce the publishing of my second e-book, titled “Pure and Mold Soap: Natural and Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps“.

The book is enrolled in the KDP Select program, so if you are a member of KDP Select, you can read it for free.  Otherwise, it is $2.99 US.

Book Description:

Soap and shampoo are two products that many of us use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of the soaps and shampoos available in the stores today contain undesirable ingredients that are difficult to pronounce and have been shown to cause health concerns. Continue reading “Announcing my new e-book “Pure and Mild Soap: Natural and Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps””

Read “Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap” for Free from September 23 to 27, 2016 on Kindle

I am running a free book promotion on Kindle Store from Friday 23-Sep-16 to Tuesday 27-Sep-16 for my book “Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap:  Five Skill Building Recipes and Detailed Instructions for Beginners”.

If you are interested in making your own beautiful handmade cold processed soaps but don’t know where to start, or if you are beginner looking to build your soap making skills, this book can help.

Detailed instructions, photographs, terminology and troubleshooting steps are included along with five recipes that will gradually build your skills from a simple, uncolored and unscented (but gentle and moisturizing) soap all the way to a multicolored, swirled and scented soap. Continue reading “Read “Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap” for Free from September 23 to 27, 2016 on Kindle”

Book Launch – Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap

I am so excited today to announce that my e-book has been published to the Amazon Kindle Store.  It is called – Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap – Five Skill Building Recipes and Step-By-Step Instructions for Beginners.

If you have ever wanted to make your own beautiful cold process soaps but were not sure where to start, this book can help you.

The basics are explained in detail, such as how to work safely with sodium hydroxide (lye), which equipment and supplies are required, step-by-step instructions and pictures to illustrate these steps. Helpful tips and alternate options are included throughout. Continue reading “Book Launch – Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap”

Launch of Aquarian Soap

Welcome to my new site –Aquarian Soap!

I was previously on WordPress as “Homespun Hobbyist”, but decided to separate my soap from that site.    I will still maintain Homespun Hobbyist but that site will be about general crafting and cooking.  This site will be used for my soap and body products exclusively.

I was amassing quite a collection of soap recipes, so I took the plunge into a new pursuit — e-book writing.    I am releasing my first e-book  within the next month and I am so excited!    As soon as  I publish it, I will be putting the link to my Amazon Kindle author’s page on my blog so you can check it out.

On this site I will publish news concerning my books, but also will occasionally post some free recipes for soaps and bath & body products. Continue reading “Launch of Aquarian Soap”