Christmas Wrap-Up

Yes, I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I was done making my Christmas gifts, but that is almost never the case until the day arrives and I run out of time. ūüôā

This past weekend, I was busy making a few more bath bombs, just to make the holiday extra special! Continue reading “Christmas Wrap-Up”


Vacation Nov 2018 Wrap-Up

I’ve had such fun this week, enjoying my time off from work and relaxing by making Christmas gifts for my family! ¬†I just love my free time as it leaves me feeling creative and ambitious! ¬†(I wish I had such ambition for my day job!).

I thought I would do a little “wrap up” post to top of the week’s activities and to serve as a personal “vacation album”.

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Out with a BANG!

As I wrap up my Christmas “making” for this vacation, I am thankful for all the free time I had this week to make so much. ¬†It’s incredible! ¬†My dining room is absolutely overflowing with bath and body products and it smells like heaven in there!

Today was spent making balms and bombs… all things herbal (and one not so herbal).

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Vacation – Let the Fun Begin!

FINALLY it’s vacation time for me! ¬†I have been saving up some fun just for this purpose!

I refilled my stash of bath & body ingredients, and have been patiently waiting for ¬†vacation to arrive so I could play with my new goodies!¬†I have SO much in store for this vacation! ¬†I even have an itinerary all worked up. Continue reading “Vacation – Let the Fun Begin!”

The Christmas Bath Bomb Marathon Begins

It’s that time of year again, folks! ¬†Yep, you guessed it, the time to start making bath bombs for your Christmas giftees! ¬†Of course, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, these would work just as well for any celebratory occasion you do observe! Continue reading “The Christmas Bath Bomb Marathon Begins”

Darkness and Light

This week has been so busy.  Next week is going to be even worse!

Our project at work is getting ready to execute one of the major phases, so, although I am scheduled to be on vacation next week, that may not get to happen. ¬†It’s still up in the air until a few key meetings occur this week so I can find out.

IF I do get to take vacation, I have had little time to prepare for any fun-time. ¬†It is still far to hot here to order any soap or lotion making supplies, so it doesn’t look like much of that will be happening this maybe-vacation. ¬† ¬†Next time I need to plan far ahead and stock up in April (before it gets too hot out). ¬† I thought I had more time, but it got hot this year in May and stayed that way all summer.

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Bracelets & Anklets & Bath Bombs, Oh my!

I had a long week at work this week, so at night, I worked my stress off by making SO many small projects.   I made a bunch of bracelets and ankle bracelets to bring to my sister, her daughters & grand-daughters.

These are not expensive to make, and they go very quickly.  Perfect weeknight projects!

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