Home Spa Formulary – Free Sample Chapter – Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains

My new book, Home Spa Formulary – Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body and Home, was published this week on Amazon.com.    In order to promote the book, I am offering this free chapter so you can sample a wonderful recipe and get a feel for the overall style of the book.

This book offers over 56 recipes and countless combinations of options that will allow you to make many more variations of each product.  Plentiful inspiration is offered for different combinations of ingredients so that you can customize the recipes and make them your own, tailored for your own unique preferences and skin type.


Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains:

Natural cleansing grains are all the rage these days. High end beauty product lines, fancy stores, and boutiques all seem to carry them. Unfortunately, they often come with a hefty price tag. For the price you would pay at one of these stores, you can have a year’s supply or more of your own brand of cleansing grains that is tailored for your specific skin type and preferences. Continue reading “Home Spa Formulary – Free Sample Chapter – Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains”

Book Launch: Home Spa Formulary: Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body & Home

I am so excited to announce that I have published my fourth Kindle book, Home Spa Formulary: Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body and Home.  Read on for details.


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Free Kindle Book Promotion – Pure and Mild Soap: Natural & Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps

I am happy to announce an upcoming free Kindle book promotion deal on Amazon.com for my book  Pure and Mild Soap: Natural & Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps.

The deal starts Friday, 28-April and ends Saturday, 29-April.   After that it goes back to it’s normal low price of $2.99 USD.

Update:  the promotion is expired now, but thanks to all who downloaded the book. There were 473 downloads in total!  Not too bad for a 2 day promotion!

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And, we have reached the finish line!

Hooray!   I am finally done with all my 56 remakes and am moving on to the next phase!   It took months, and some things had to be made more than once, but my persistence has finally paid off.

With this little candle, I am now done, and so happy to be starting next weekend with taking my final pictures of everything.   Continue reading “And, we have reached the finish line!”

Getting there…and moving on.

After months and months of making the same products over and over again, I am getting close to the end of that project and already starting to do my research and stocking up for my next project.

Today I received a haul from Camden Grey and LotionCrafter.  Tomorrow I am expecting a few things from Nature’s Garden, and perhaps Saturday, from Glenbrook Farms Herbs.

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Which shots have the most impact? Will you help me decide?

I took some photos today of my soaps.  Now that this batch is cured, I got the opportunity to clean them up and get better pictures of them.

I have distinctly different styles of photography going on with these.  My original pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago were more staged and dreamy, whereas my newer pictures are more minimalist and clear.   I think they both have a place, but I am not sure which I prefer.  I like them both.  Still I have to make a decision on my “style”, so I need some help determining which ones are better.   Do you have an opinion you would be willing to share? Continue reading “Which shots have the most impact? Will you help me decide?”

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! – Get Your “Luxurious Handmade Soap” Book for Free on December 25 & 26.

In the spirit of the holidays, I am giving away my newest soap making book, “Luxurious Handmade Soap: Twenty Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps”, for free on the Amazon Kindle Store on Christmas Day and the day after (25 & 26 December).

Get it for free here (25 & 26 December only) >> Luxurious Handmade Soap: Twenty Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps

If you enjoy the book and the recipes, I request that you leave an honest review on the amazon page linked above.




The beauty of cold processed soap is that it can be simple, minimal and practical, or it can be elaborate, luxurious and practical. Practical is listed twice because soap is meant to be used, not just to be admired. The allure of making handmade soap is that you get a chance to use your creativity, skill, and knowledge about the different soap making ingredients and combine them in unique and interesting ways to produce your own works of art. Then you get to use and enjoy them. All parts of the process are enjoyable — well, except for the cleanup.

This book contains recipes and instructions for 20 cold process soaps that are mild, luxurious, skin-loving, beautiful, and practical. There are a variety of soap making techniques used, which are suitable for experienced or advanced beginner soap makers. From plain, uncolored soap to fully swirled, colorful, frosted and embellished soap, there is sure to be a recipe perfect for you to try out.

Hanger swirl, layering, piping, Taiwan swirl, in-the-mold swirl, in-the-pot swirl, and melt and pour embeds are all covered with in-depth instructions and diagrams (for the more complex designs).

Recipes are included for swirled soaps, soaps for men, milk soaps and frosted soaps. A variety of colorants, additives, liquids, and fragrances are used, and alternative instructions are also described in case you don’t have some of the less common ingredients on hand.

Instructions are also provided for using milks, making your own herb infused oils, and soap frosting.

These recipes are highly customizable so that you can use your own creativity, color, design, and fragrance preferences. Your next unique masterpiece is only one soap batch away!