4 Attempts – 4 Successes – Perfect Saturday!

It’s Saturday and I am at it again — making a mess in my kitchen.

Today, I made 4 different batches of lotions and every one of them (knock on wood) has turned out perfectly — exactly as I envisioned them.   I love when that happens.

I won’t get a chance to get good pictures of the final products until tomorrow, but I took plenty of “making” pictures today! Continue reading “4 Attempts – 4 Successes – Perfect Saturday!”


Coc-Oats Milk & Honey Cream – Improved Recipe

Quite a while ago, I posted a recipe for my “silky oats cream“.   Well, my sister loved this one, raved about it, and asked for more, so I made up a 16 ounce batch for her today.

Since I wrote the original recipe, I have made a few tweaks, so I thought I might share that today. Continue reading “Coc-Oats Milk & Honey Cream – Improved Recipe”

Silky Oats Cream Recipe

I am back to the drawing board with making lotions again.   I have made a few experimental lotions so far and while they are nice and work great, they just don’t have that creamy consistency I am looking for yet.  They are all turning out too light and fluffy.

So tonight I tried a different approach.  I stick blended less and I didn’t use a co-emulsifier.  How did it turn out?  Well, so far…so good! Continue reading “Silky Oats Cream Recipe”

Free Soap Recipe- Creamy Latte In-The-Pot Swirl Cold Process Soap

Fragrances that contain vanillin can turn soap brown over time.  The whites might start out white, but eventually they will darken.

When you have a fragrance with a lot of vanillin in it, the best thing to do is just embrace the “brownness” and work it into the soap design.    One way to do this is to put fragrance only in the part of the soap batter that will be colored brown.

This is a free cold process soap recipe for making ” Creamy Latte In-The-Pot Swirl” Soap. Continue reading “Free Soap Recipe- Creamy Latte In-The-Pot Swirl Cold Process Soap”