Mystery Soap Cutting

On Saturday I posted a teaser for a couple of soaps that I made that day.   Today I unmolded and cut them.  As promised, I am posting the “after” pictures.

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Saturday Soap

I am so happy that it’s Saturday again.   Weekdays go by so slowly lately, that it seems Saturdays are not very often, even though they occur once a week.   However, on Saturday, I am enjoying myself, so they go by so fast it’s like they didn’t even happen.

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday is to make soap.   Today I got to make 2 batches. Continue reading “Saturday Soap”

Cutting of Apricot Adventure Soap and Coconut Cream Shampoo Bars

Recently I posted a couple of blog entries about a misbehaving batch of Apricot soap and about my search for a perfect shampoo bar.   Today I cut those soaps and thought I would post the results.

Honesty, neither batch turned out as bad as I thought they would.   With all the problems the apricot soap had, I am surprised it turned out at all, but after I plopped it all back into the mixing bowl and blended it some more, it seemed to do the trick.   Continue reading “Cutting of Apricot Adventure Soap and Coconut Cream Shampoo Bars”

In search of the holy grail (in a shampoo bar)

Earlier today I posted about my exciting batch of failed soap.   That was so much fun,  I decided to be experimental again and try out a totally new (for me) thing with inventing “the perfect shampoo bar”.

So I thought, “What would be the perfect ingredients for a shampoo bar?”.   Well, I decided to take the “kitchen sink” approach (more is better) and go for it  (my hair needs a lot of help). Continue reading “In search of the holy grail (in a shampoo bar)”