Dragon’s Fire – A Palm Free Soap Recipe

I have never made a palm-free soap before.   I generally use the “responsible” palm oil that Brambleberry sells for all my soaps.    I have wanted to try out making palm-free for a while, but never got a chance.  Well, today I did, and I am sharing the recipe!

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Honey I Washed the Kids – Piped Soap – Free Recipe

For my encore today, I decided to make a piped soap with a new fragrance from Nurture Soap called “Honey I Washed the Kids”.

This fragrance is supposed to be a well-behaved, light and mild smelling fragrance oil   I did not experience either of those things.

I am posting the free recipe in case you want to try it too, but maybe with a different, better-behaved fragrance.  In any case, it has been a long time since I posted a free soap recipe, and it is about time! Continue reading “Honey I Washed the Kids – Piped Soap – Free Recipe”

Interesting Soap Adventure

I have been spending the past month or two getting ready for Christmas gifting, so not much soaping has been going on in my kitchen.  Now that the holidays are behind us and I still have a few days of vacation left, I am getting back into the swing and making some soap today.

An interesting thing happened with my first soap batch today, however, I choose to look at it as an opportunity rather than a total failure.   I mean, it is going to make a great blog entry if nothing else!  (All soap maker / bloggers know that when things start going really wrong — grab the camera!) Continue reading “Interesting Soap Adventure”

Anatomy of a Soap Recipe

If you are a new soap maker, you might be looking to expand your horizons and experiment with your own soap recipes.   In order to do so, you will need to use a soap calculator so that you can figure out how much lye is needed to turn your oils into soap.

There are many soap calculators that you can use, but today I am focusing on SoapCalc.com since that is the one I use most often.   While there are others, which are good soap calculators and might be a bit simpler to use, I find soapcalc to be the least confusing while still offering the most information about the oils I choose to use.  Let me demonstrate. Continue reading “Anatomy of a Soap Recipe”

Free Soap Recipe- Creamy Latte In-The-Pot Swirl Cold Process Soap

Fragrances that contain vanillin can turn soap brown over time.  The whites might start out white, but eventually they will darken.

When you have a fragrance with a lot of vanillin in it, the best thing to do is just embrace the “brownness” and work it into the soap design.    One way to do this is to put fragrance only in the part of the soap batter that will be colored brown.

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I am running a free book promotion on Amazon.com Kindle Store from Friday 23-Sep-16 to Tuesday 27-Sep-16 for my book “Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap:  Five Skill Building Recipes and Detailed Instructions for Beginners”.

If you are interested in making your own beautiful handmade cold processed soaps but don’t know where to start, or if you are beginner looking to build your soap making skills, this book can help.

Detailed instructions, photographs, terminology and troubleshooting steps are included along with five recipes that will gradually build your skills from a simple, uncolored and unscented (but gentle and moisturizing) soap all the way to a multicolored, swirled and scented soap. Continue reading “Read “Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap” for Free from September 23 to 27, 2016 on Kindle”

Free Soap Recipe – Castile Soap Cubes

Many people swear by Castile soap.   They feel that it is the purest, gentlest, most wonderful soap on earth.

Castile is a soap that originated in Castile, Spain.   They have an abundant supply of olives there, thus they have plentiful olive oil to make soap with.      The original Castile soaps are hand stirred and made with local sea water.     This soap isn’t quite that fancy, but will produce the same type of gentle, pure, wonderful Castile soap.

In today’s soap making lingo, Castile is just a soap that is made with 100% olive oil and no other oils.

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