Analytical Recipe – A Possible Dupe for Cetaphil Lotion

While Cetaphil is not the most luxurious lotion in the world, nor the most costly, it is something I have gone through a lot of at my house.  I have used much less since I started making my own lotions, but I still use it from time-to-time when I want an unscented moisturizer.

I don’t spend nearly as much money on it as I used to, but I wanted to try to duplicate the recipe just the same.  It’s fun, educational, and rewarding to do! Continue reading “Analytical Recipe – A Possible Dupe for Cetaphil Lotion”

Free Recipe – A Simple and Inexpensive Beginner’s Lotion – with Instructions

Recently, I posted an update to one of my cream recipes — Coc-Oats, Milk & Honey Cream.

I received a comment on that post that gave me the idea that maybe it might be a good idea to post a very simple and inexpensive lotion recipe so that those who are just learning to make lotions would have a starting point.

It can be intimidating if you are reading some of the internet resources to learn how to make lotions.  Those sites are a wealth of great information, but for a beginner, the technical jargon is a bit much to absorb and can be off-putting if all you are trying to do is make lotion and not get a chemistry degree.

The good news is that you don’t have to learn all that to make a lotion.   You will need more education if you want to formulate lotions yourself, but if you just want to make a lotion from a simple recipe, and maybe learn to make a few modifications to it, it is unnecessary.

So here it is.  A recipe for absolute lotion beginners (along with some tips for modifying the recipe to make it more luxurious).

Continue reading “Free Recipe – A Simple and Inexpensive Beginner’s Lotion – with Instructions”

Coc-Oats Milk & Honey Cream – Improved Recipe

Quite a while ago, I posted a recipe for my “silky oats cream“.   Well, my sister loved this one, raved about it, and asked for more, so I made up a 16 ounce batch for her today.

Since I wrote the original recipe, I have made a few tweaks, so I thought I might share that today. Continue reading “Coc-Oats Milk & Honey Cream – Improved Recipe”

Home Spa Formulary – Free Sample Chapter – Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains

My new book, Home Spa Formulary – Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body and Home, was published this week on    In order to promote the book, I am offering this free chapter so you can sample a wonderful recipe and get a feel for the overall style of the book.

This book offers over 56 recipes and countless combinations of options that will allow you to make many more variations of each product.  Plentiful inspiration is offered for different combinations of ingredients so that you can customize the recipes and make them your own, tailored for your own unique preferences and skin type.


Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains:

Natural cleansing grains are all the rage these days. High end beauty product lines, fancy stores, and boutiques all seem to carry them. Unfortunately, they often come with a hefty price tag. For the price you would pay at one of these stores, you can have a year’s supply or more of your own brand of cleansing grains that is tailored for your specific skin type and preferences. Continue reading “Home Spa Formulary – Free Sample Chapter – Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains”