It’s beginning to look a lot like “birthday”

Along with the two soaps I made this weekend, I also got 6 batches of mondo bath bombs done for my sister’s upcoming birthday.    Last weekend I made one more, so that is a total of 7 batches (at 7 to 8 bombs each) for a grand total of 51 bath bombs!   If that is not a happy birthday, then I don’t know what is!

To be fair though, she doesn’t get to keep all of them.  She has two daughters and three grand-daughters to share with.   She gets a lot of enjoyment, though, from being the one who is the “keeper of the bath bomb stash”. Continue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like “birthday””


ONE More Batch of Christmas Bath Bombs – Done!

I recently made several batches of different kinds of bath bombs for Christmas gifts.  I made some that were emulsified with oils, and some plain ones.  The only problem is that I miscounted and did not make enough.


I have one family that has 4 ladies.    I only made them 6 bath bombs.  Not good.  So today I made another batch and tried something new. Continue reading “ONE More Batch of Christmas Bath Bombs – Done!”

Christmas Packaging for Gifts

Time is running short.   In just another week I need to go on a “santa run” and bring my handmade gifts to my sister’s house to share with her and my nieces.


I am furiously trying to get my packing done so the gifts are presentable.  The packaging does make a huge difference.   It makes the gifts seem more professional and they are perceived as being more valuable.    Of course, all this packaging does cost a lot of time and money, so in actuality, they really ARE more valuable. Continue reading “Christmas Packaging for Gifts”