Pre neutralized Carbomer Experiment – Strawberry Willow Bark Gel

It seems I have a new addiction – gels. ¬†ūüôā

Last night I made a Vitamin B¬†cucumber under eye gel and it turned out just as I was hoping. ¬† Today I had the day off work due to the US Holiday, Thanksgiving. ¬†That gave me a little time to try a new gel — Strawberry Willow Bark Gel.

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Ethical Jane – A Palm Free Goat Milk Soap

I occasionally make a goat-milk soap that is just “plain jane” (no colorants, fragrance, etc). ¬†It was because of the plain nature of it that I decided to call the soap “Jane“.

I have begun making my soaps palm free, however, so my old recipe had to be re-done. ¬† This one is palm free and I call her “Ethical Jane”.

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I am short on words this week. ¬†I just can’t think of anything much to say other than what a lovely weekend it was! ¬†So I guess I will just dive in to the details this time, rather than waxing philosophic.

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A little of this…a little of that

I wasn’t feeling terribly motivated or organized this weekend, so I just kind of made it up as I went along . ¬†I started out with no plan at all, but ended up making a few cute things to share today.

Friday night I thought I would start out with something very simple so I opted for some melt and pour soaps — but not just “any” melt and pour soaps. ¬†These are for the kids for Halloween.

Then Saturday, I felt like sewing. I recently bought some new makeup and found that my makeup is all over the place, floating around in my bathroom drawer.  So I sewed myself some cosmetic bags to organize them.

Today, despite my pitifully inadequate bathtub — I felt like taking a soaking bath. ¬†Since I have no bath bombs of my own, I made some just for me.

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Wheatgerm Oil – Soapy Experiments – Daphne and Velma

I have been tempted for the longest time to purchase some wheatgerm oil for soaping and lotion. ¬†I remember back in the 1970’s using Faberge’ Organics Wheat Germ Oil and Honey products and always loved how it made my hair feel. ¬† Finally I did buy some wheatgerm oil a few weeks ago! ¬† So this weekend, I made a couple batches of soap and a conditioner (more on that later). Continue reading “Wheatgerm Oil – Soapy Experiments – Daphne and Velma”

Menagerie – Vacation Round-Up

Hi all! ¬†I have been away for a couple of weeks. ¬†I needed a break from work and from book writing, and maybe a little bit from creating too. ¬† I took 2 weeks to do just “whatever” instead of having a plan. ¬†Sometimes that is good for the soul!

My plans were somewhat interrupted due to the recent hurricanes and preparations for the next ones. ¬†This made me have a “working vacation” since it caused some extra work at work. ¬†At least I got to enjoy some free time in between “on call” events.

I started out ¬†last weekend with a quick visit “up north” to see my sister, nieces, and deliver all the goodies I have been making them. ¬† ¬†It was a nice trip, a beautiful day, and very enjoyable. ¬†Needless to say everything I gifted them was well-received. ¬†Especially the bath bombs — always the bath bombs! Continue reading “Menagerie – Vacation Round-Up”

The amount of fun you had is proportional to the size of the mess you made! A weekend wrap-up!

Wow, what a weekend I had!   I made 6 batches of bath bombs and two batches of soap!

I owe my sister a visit soon, and all the things I have been making for months are really stacking up! ¬† My dining room and kitchen were a total mess, but the way I see it, if you didn’t make a mess, then you weren’t having fun!

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