4 Attempts – 4 Successes – Perfect Saturday!

It’s Saturday and I am at it again — making a mess in my kitchen.

Today, I made 4 different batches of lotions and every one of them (knock on wood) has turned out perfectly — exactly as I envisioned them.   I love when that happens.

I won’t get a chance to get good pictures of the final products until tomorrow, but I took plenty of “making” pictures today! Continue reading “4 Attempts – 4 Successes – Perfect Saturday!”


French Green Clay Tea Tree & Lavender Facial Soap – Refill

When I visited my niece last weekend, she made a special request for some more french green clay soap.   She said she really enjoyed the scent and liked using it to wash her face. She was almost out and wanted more.

I am on vacation from work this week, so I have plenty of free time to fill, doing what I love.   So today, I made a refill batch of french green clay soap for her.

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Sweet 16 Cream -New Experimental Lotion Recipe

Tonight I was feeling experimental, so I concocted a new cream recipe and did some experiments on it.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens to it tomorrow.  I may have pushed the envelope too far, or it could be great.  Only time will tell.

I decided to call this “Sweet 16 Cream” because I included many anti-aging oils and ingredients.   The essential oils blend I used smells sweet, innocent, and light – like a carefree 16-year-old (or a marshmallow) (or both). Continue reading “Sweet 16 Cream -New Experimental Lotion Recipe”

Trying new things– part 1 — clay soaps

For the longest time I have wanted to make some clay soaps, but I just never found the time.    I have had some various clays sitting around for months, just begging to be used.   Well, this past weekend, I did it!      I tried a new thing or two!

My goal was to make a couple of facial soaps.  One for dry, sensitive skin and one for oily, blemish prone skin.   Good thing I had a couple of perfect clays for that.  And they turned out beautiful!

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Awapuhi Seaberry with Tussah Silk, Hemp & Shea Soap

Having recently acquired some new fragrances from Nature’s Garden, I was anxious this weekend to make them into soap.  I had purchased them to make bath bombs with, but had a change of heart.    I was inspired by the Awapuhi Seaberry fragrance, which was just begging to be turned into something colorful.

I decided to use tussah silk, hemp oil and shea butter in this recipe.  Since I have never worked with this fragrance before, I made a small batch and used a recipe that I knew wouldn’t seize up.     I am happy to say that the fragrance behaved perfectly.   I did get a coating of soda ash on the soap top, but it washed right off. Continue reading “Awapuhi Seaberry with Tussah Silk, Hemp & Shea Soap”