Free Lotion Formula: Lavender & Benzoin Relaxing Lotion with Squalane and HLA

When I first made this lotion, I didn’t care too much for the smell.  I didn’t hate it, but I thought it was a little bit odd.  It smelled vaguely familiar, like an old memory. Perhaps a bit like a baby lotion or other gentle scent from my past.   The longer I used it though, the more I came to really enjoy this scent.

I use this lotion every night before bed.  The scent is relaxing and helps me fall asleep.  Now I can’t live without this lotion –and I ran out of it around Tuesday last week, so it went on my “weekend to-do list”.

I have blogged about this lotion in the past, but I don’t think I ever posted the formula for it.  If I did, then it still wouldn’t have the most recent changes to the formula which I adjusted to make the lotion a little thinner.    In any case, below is a free formula for this wonderful lotion so you can have some too!

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Five Outta Six Ain’t Bad

Have you ever had one of those weekends when everything you did just turned out 100% perfect, or even better than you imagined?   Well, I didn’t have one of those, but it was almost that!   I only had one thing that didn’t turn out to my liking.  All the rest of them met or exceeded my expectations!

I did a lot of things this weekend; three batches of soap, two lotions and bath bombs.   I was quite busy, but now that it’s over, and I put all my stuff away, I feel like I got some good recreation time in.

So let’s start out with what didn’t turn out like I expected and go from there (we’ll get that one out-of-the-way).  🙂 Continue reading “Five Outta Six Ain’t Bad”

Successes and Failures – It’s all good experience.

I made another five lotions this weekend. Out of the five I made, two failed and three turned out wonderfully.  I consider that a success!

I am trying out my lotion formulation spreadsheet that I made and trying to see if my calculations produce a good lotion product.    In most cases, they do, but sometimes, whether due to human error, or the lotion gremlins (which I suspect really do exist), some recipes just don’t work.  I am not sure this weekend’s failures were due to the recipes, though.

This weekend I made five lotions:

  1. Coffee Sesame and Cupuacu Under Eye Cream
  2. Vanilla Cocoa Hazelnut Lotion
  3. Vanilla Aloe Mallow Lotion
  4. Lush Dupe – Pink Peppermint Foot Cream
  5. Lush Dupe – Softy Foot Cream

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Oh, the things I made!

Wow, I am exhausted.  It’s been another busy weekend, but I have a lot to show for it.  I didn’t think so yesterday as I only got 2 things made, but then today, I came back strong and made a few more things, so now I feel like my weekend was well-spent.

I was actually very pleased with everything I made this weekend, and didn’t have to do any re-makes as the all turned out perfectly on the first try and I was able to get some decent photos. Continue reading “Oh, the things I made!”

In search of the holy grail (in a shampoo bar)

Earlier today I posted about my exciting batch of failed soap.   That was so much fun,  I decided to be experimental again and try out a totally new (for me) thing with inventing “the perfect shampoo bar”.

So I thought, “What would be the perfect ingredients for a shampoo bar?”.   Well, I decided to take the “kitchen sink” approach (more is better) and go for it  (my hair needs a lot of help). Continue reading “In search of the holy grail (in a shampoo bar)”

Today’s Favorite – Oatstraw (Avena Sativa)

Some days I am just drawn to certain things.  Sometimes it is coffee, sometimes food, sometimes tea, and today, it is Oatstraw.

While it looks a lot like something a horse should eat, or perhaps a bird should build a nest with, and it doesn’t smell like anything spectacular, it does have a uniquely calming flavor.

Earlier today, I tried a brew of nettles, oat straw and red clover.   I braced for the worst, thinking it might taste very awful, but to my surprise, it was actually nice (and perfect for my busy afternoon at work).   It was about 1 tsp. of each herb into 2 cups of boiling water for 10 minutes. Continue reading “Today’s Favorite – Oatstraw (Avena Sativa)”

More Herbs for the Apothecary & Product Review for Glenbrook Farms

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my new love affair with herbs.   I had purchased a few herbs and have been trying out some various recipes including some herb infused oils, salves, lip balm, tub tea, and drinking teas.

Well, I loved them so much, I bought myself an early Christmas present of more herbs.  🙂   My husband’s gift was that he didn’t complain about the money I spent on the herbs.  (LOL).  No, just kidding, he isn’t really much of a complainer about my craft spending, anyway.

I thought I would share my impressions and experience about the company I bought from because I think they are a lesser known company (at least I haven’t seen the mentioned often) and so far I am very happy with their product.   Most of the herbal articles I see recommend Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals, or some more obscure (and expensive) specialty herb stores.    I have seen mixed reviews on some of these companies, but could not find much about the company I did eventually buy from, which is Glenbrook Farms.   So I decided to give them a chance. Continue reading “More Herbs for the Apothecary & Product Review for Glenbrook Farms”