What a weekend it was!

Time again for my weekly wrap-up!   It was quite a weekend.

Friday night I made two soaps:  Spearmint Patchouli and Carrot Ginger Orange.

Saturday I made 4 lotions – Dry feeling lotion, luxury facial cream, luxury facial lotion, luxury conditioner.

Today I made one more soap (Dragons’ Fire) and got my pictures taken and measured the pH of my lotions.

I’d say I had a great time!  I love my weekends!    And next week is a long weekend because I am taking July 3rd off work (the day before the US Independence day Holiday). So I will have a 4 day weekend!  Can’t wait! Continue reading “What a weekend it was!”

Book Launch: Home Spa Formulary: Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body & Home

I am so excited to announce that I have published my fourth Kindle book, Home Spa Formulary: Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body and Home.  Read on for details.


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Mellow Friday Tisane

What a week I had!  We closed down a big project at work and are getting ramped up for the next one.  It was busy!  Now I am happy that the weekend is here so I can relax and have some fun (but first I need to calm down and re-focus).


I bought some more whole oat tops and chamomile from Mountain Rose Herbs, so I had to re-package them into a bigger jar.   As I was doing that, I got inspired to make a nice, mellow, relaxing tisane to start out my weekend right!   If I rest well tonight, then tomorrow I can have all day to play! Continue reading “Mellow Friday Tisane”

Herbal Supplement Capsules

I have really been getting into my herbs lately, but there are a few herbs that I want to take on a regular basis and I don’t really prefer the flavor of them;  Ashwagandha and Holy Basil to be exact.

Ashwagandha and Holy Basil are both adaptogen herbs.  Adaptogens are herbs that are thought to help the body find a balance, particularly with adrenal stress and hormonal balance.   They are thought to allow your body to decide where it needs the balance and help your body to bring things into balance and maintain this balance. Continue reading “Herbal Supplement Capsules”

Luna – A Sleep Tisane

Many people (myself included) suffer from insomnia.  People take sleeping pills, meditate, take hot baths, drink milk, and try all sorts of remedies thought to help induce the elusive sleep state. Some of us have tried all these things and find only marginal, if any, relief from them.

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Kin-Nik-Kin-Nap – A Bedtime Relaxing Herbal Vape Blend

Kinnikinnick is a Native American term given to a smoking mixture containing the Uva Ursi herb (bear berry or Indian tobacco) and other combinations of medicinal or spiritual herbs.


Since I mixed this blend with relaxing herbs that are thought to help promote better sleep, I decided to call it “Kin-Nik-Kin-Nap”.   I guess I was feeling clever tonight. Continue reading “Kin-Nik-Kin-Nap – A Bedtime Relaxing Herbal Vape Blend”

Tincture Session Part 2 – The Straining

Hard to believe it, but 6 weeks have already gone by since I started my tinctures.

I stopped by to visit them daily and shake them up.   I might have talked to them a little bit too while I was at it.  Why not?

Dr. Masuro Emoto did some wonderful experiments about focusing intentions into water and how it affects the water structure. If you are not familiar with this experiment, watch this video for a quick introduction.  I don’t really know if there is merit to it or not, but what can it really hurt to show friendship to the herbs and offer your gratitude to them for their contribution to your health and well-being?

Anyhow, fast forward 6 weeks and the tinctures are now ready to be strained and used. Continue reading “Tincture Session Part 2 – The Straining”