Mellow Friday Tisane

What a week I had!  We closed down a big project at work and are getting ramped up for the next one.  It was busy!  Now I am happy that the weekend is here so I can relax and have some fun (but first I need to calm down and re-focus).


I bought some more whole oat tops and chamomile from Mountain Rose Herbs, so I had to re-package them into a bigger jar.   As I was doing that, I got inspired to make a nice, mellow, relaxing tisane to start out my weekend right!   If I rest well tonight, then tomorrow I can have all day to play! Continue reading “Mellow Friday Tisane”

Luna – A Sleep Tisane

Many people (myself included) suffer from insomnia.  People take sleeping pills, meditate, take hot baths, drink milk, and try all sorts of remedies thought to help induce the elusive sleep state. Some of us have tried all these things and find only marginal, if any, relief from them.

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Tea Parts Calculator

Like many people, I suppose, I am basically lazy.  I don’t like to do repetitive tasks, especially when they can be easily automated.

When making herbal teas / tisanes, you often have to take the step of converting “parts” to measurements.   This can be tedious.   Luckily, it is a simple math formula that is easily automated with MS-Excel. Continue reading “Tea Parts Calculator”

Herbal Cough and Lung Tisane

It has been years (over 10 years) since we have been sick around here.   A few weeks ago we came down with a cold and even now, I am still suffering from a bad cough.

I have tried everything to stop this dry hacking cough.  This isn’t the first tea I have tried either, but I have to keep trying until I find something that works.

Of course, when buying my herbs a couple of months ago, I saw wild cherry bark, noted that it was for coughs, and then promptly failed to add it to my shopping car because “we’re never sick”. Continue reading “Herbal Cough and Lung Tisane”

Elderberry & Rosehip Immunity Tisane

Len and I have been fighting off a cold since about Wednesday this week.   It’s very strange to us as neither of us has had so much as a sniffle for over 15 years. We got our flu shot this year, as we do every year, but this time, something is trying to creep in.

We have been having a throat tickle and slight cough, sniffles, and general lethargy all week.   So far we haven’t gotten sick enough to really say “I am sick”, so our immune systems seem to be keeping the symptoms to a minimum at least.

Still, it is enough that we need a little support.   I tried making a tisane with some echinacea the other day but it does not taste very good, so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this instead (and it tastes much better). Continue reading “Elderberry & Rosehip Immunity Tisane”

Nighty Night Nightcap Tisane Blend

Every night about 10 PM, I make myself an herbal tea (tisane).

I have shopped around for some herbal tea blends but they can be quite pricey.   Since I have a shelf full of herbs now, I just make them myself.  It is much cheaper and more fun.

I have experimented with many different blends, but keep coming back to this one, so I decided to blend up a batch and put it into its own little tin so I don’t have to haul out all the mason jars of each individual herb every night.

It’s quite simple really, it’s just half chamomile and half oat straw.    That is what I blended in the little 8 oz. tin.    But I usually add a 3rd herb as well.   Since that 3rd herb varies from day-to-day, I left it out of my mixture and add it separately.

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An Herbal Nightcap Vape

I confess that I was a smoker for many years.   Several years ago I decided to quit.  With the help of e-cigarettes, I was able to do so.  I haven’t had a cigarette since.

In the past I have tried all the different methods of quitting: cold turkey, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, herbal cigarettes, and  you name it, I tried it — but with no success.  After using e-cigarettes for only a few days, I was able to completely quit.  It tasted and smelled so much better to vape blueberry, peppermint or banana flavors and after a few days, cigarettes tasted awful.  I put them away and never looked back (well, I never WENT back.   But I did miss the act of smoking, which I found very relaxing).

Lately I noticed a video on Youtube where people were vaping herbs in a dry herb vaporizer.   WHA??   Ok, I have to try this.   Continue reading “An Herbal Nightcap Vape”