More progress and some revisits

It was my husband’s birthday this weekend.  As such, I didn’t get as much done as I do most weekends, but it is also important to spend time with those that you love.  Luckily, my husband is an artist and during some of the time he spent with me, we worked together on photographing my products.  🙂 Continue reading “More progress and some revisits”


A Weekends’ Work – In pictures

With every weekend that passes, I get a few more things made, and another step closer to completing my next book.   It feels like it is taking forever (at a pace of a few things per weekend), but it is only because that next book is going to have so many recipes in it.


I think I am about 1/2 of the way done now, so I still have many more weekends of work fun ahead of me. Since I don’t have any vacation from my day job coming up until Memorial Day (June), I will have to just keep picking away with making a few things per week.

Continue reading “A Weekends’ Work – In pictures”

In retrospect, it was not such a wasted weekend after all!

Free time is such as scarce commodity that I find myself planning to use it wisely.  I usually have my weekends planned out by at least Wednesday or Thursday, and then by Friday night, I am ready to get started executing my action plan.

This past week, however, I decided I would knit all weekend.  After knitting Friday night, I was already bored, so I had to whip up a “Plan B”.     Continue reading “In retrospect, it was not such a wasted weekend after all!”