I am short on words this week.  I just can’t think of anything much to say other than what a lovely weekend it was!  So I guess I will just dive in to the details this time, rather than waxing philosophic.

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Dragon’s Blood Type Soap – Remake

Last week I made some palm-free soap for the first time and it turned out wonderful!  The only problem was that I forgot to add my fragrance oil — DOH!

So this weekend, I did a reboot.  I used slightly different colors, but the same palm-free recipe.   Continue reading “Dragon’s Blood Type Soap – Remake”

Cutting Day

I posted over the weekend about three soaps I had made – Patchouli & Spearmint, Ginger, Carrot & Orange, and Dragon’s Fire.    Today they were finally ready to un-mold (sort of) and I got a chance to cut them and get a few pictures.

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Dragon’s Fire – A Palm Free Soap Recipe

I have never made a palm-free soap before.   I generally use the “responsible” palm oil that Brambleberry sells for all my soaps.    I have wanted to try out making palm-free for a while, but never got a chance.  Well, today I did, and I am sharing the recipe!

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Rustic Woods and Rum – A Gentleman’s Soap

I am not a fan of most men’s fragrance oils.    To me, they often smell like Axe or like Old Spice.   I just don’t care for them much.   But recently Brambleberry sent me a free sample of their new fragrance “Rustic Woods and Rum”.

In the bottle, it smelled OK.  Better than those fragrances I mentioned earlier.  But when I made this into soap -oh my!.    I actually like it and so does my husband (who is also hard to please with scents).  So off it went into the kitchen to make a batch of soap for men. Continue reading “Rustic Woods and Rum – A Gentleman’s Soap”