Having Too Much Fun Learning Photography

I spent this weekend getting acquainted with my new camera, so I didn’t get any soap made, but I had a lot of fun anyway.

I just thought I would share a few of the snapshots I took today.  Not all of them are winners, but still, I think it’s pretty good for a newbie. Continue reading “Having Too Much Fun Learning Photography”


Recognizing the Need for Improvement – a step back to take a leap forward

Many times we go about our lives doing the same routine and expecting or hoping for better results.    Eventually when we don’t get those better results, we need to step back and re-evaluate.   This is where I am at right now.

I realize with my product photography that everything I have tried, all the ticks and trips, all the pro-advice, and all the creativity I could muster have not been giving me the kind of photographs I would like to achieve.  My photos have improved somewhat over time, but not nearly as much as I would like.

While my blog post picture is purposefully poorly exposed, color corrected and blurred, it is an extreme example of all the things I need to work on:  Color correction, lighting, exposure, white balance, composition, and image clarity. Continue reading “Recognizing the Need for Improvement – a step back to take a leap forward”

Soap Packaging Day – Something New (to me)

Over Christmas vacation I made a few batches of soap. 6 weeks later they are now fully cured and cleaned up.  It was time to package them.

I have posted before about making soap boxes from card stock, but I wanted to do something different this time.   I saw a cute package on Pinterest and followed the tutorial posted on Youtube by Bare Tree Soaps.  You can find the tutorial video >>HERE

Continue reading “Soap Packaging Day – Something New (to me)”

Christmas Packaging for Gifts

Time is running short.   In just another week I need to go on a “santa run” and bring my handmade gifts to my sister’s house to share with her and my nieces.


I am furiously trying to get my packing done so the gifts are presentable.  The packaging does make a huge difference.   It makes the gifts seem more professional and they are perceived as being more valuable.    Of course, all this packaging does cost a lot of time and money, so in actuality, they really ARE more valuable. Continue reading “Christmas Packaging for Gifts”

Free Soap Box Template & Instructions

I’ve been so busy lately.  Between work and home, there is little time for making more soap.

My soap curing rack recently cleared off so it was time to make my soap packaging for all those completed soaps.  I picked away at this task for the past few days and got it done.

I used to make just soap bands but found that as the soap continues curing, it shrinks, and the bands become loose.  So I started making little card stock boxes. Continue reading “Free Soap Box Template & Instructions”

Clean-up Day!

I was clearly a busy bee during my vacation over the Labor Day weekend in September.  I made so much soap that week.   My curing rack has been full to the brim since then so I have had to slow down pursuing my hobby until some of the soaps were cured. Fast forward 6 weeks and hooray!  I can finally get all these soaps off my curing rack and make room for more! Continue reading “Clean-up Day!”